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!!> PDF / Epub ☂ Max and the Dumb Flower Picture ✎ Author Martha Alexander –

Max and the Dumb Flower PictureIt S Time To Color Outside The Lines.Max S Teacher Wants The Class To Color In Pictures For Mother S Day Presents, But Max Knows That His Mother Would Not Want A Dumb Flower Picture Drawn By Someone Else Determined To Express His Creativity, Max Runs Off To Draw His Own Picture Max S Drawing Not Only Inspires The Rest Of The Class To Create Their Own Original Artwork But Also Enlightens The Teacher.

!!> PDF / Epub ☂ Max and the Dumb Flower Picture ✎ Author Martha Alexander –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Max and the Dumb Flower Picture
  • Martha Alexander
  • English
  • 07 February 2018
  • 9781580891561

    10 thoughts on “!!> PDF / Epub ☂ Max and the Dumb Flower Picture ✎ Author Martha Alexander –

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    A knockoff of that Tomie DePaola book but not nearly as good

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    This is Martha Alexander s last book You have probably read some of her books, but to jar your memory she did the Blackboard Bear series This final book was completed from her unfinished manuscript and sketches by James Rumford Max s teacher Miss Tilley wants the class to color a picture of a rose for Mother s Day Each child is given a sheet with the same rose copied on it, but Max knows that his mom would not want that for a present So Max refuses to color the sheet and runs from the room, hiding behind the bushes to create his own flower for his mother Everyone looks for Max, even the police, and when he is found he shows everyone his flower All of the children are inspired to create one of their very own, unique from everyone else s Make sure to take time to look at the end pages filled with flowers drawn by Martha Alexander s friends and family.A simple story, well told and inspiring, this book will remind everyone that you don t have to stay in the lines, don t have to color a red rose like everyone else, and can create your own art and beauty Along the way, children who are happy to create their own art, stop They start following our rules, losing their creativity Suddenly skies are no longer orange and pink, cows are not purple, and clouds a fluffy in front of a corner sun This book is a s...

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    Max s teacher gives him a flower picture to color for Mother s Day Max doesn t want to color the dumb picture he wants to draw his own picture Max runs away and no one can find him the teacher even calls the police Then Max is found and he shows his picture to everyone Now all the kids want to make their own flowers While the message that all kinds of art can be beautiful and special is a good one, this book has a couple of messages that I m not comfortable with for a young audience 1 There are no consequences for running away 2 The message kinda makes it look okay to not do the assignment that your teacher has given you Since the book is aimed at a pre K aged audience, those may not be the messages we want to send kiddos on their way into school All teachers may not be as lenient as Miss Tilley you re going to have to do what s assigned I don t know There are several pages and both sets of endpapers ...

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    Martha Alexander s last book is a tribute to going your own way Max, a stubborn little boy, doesn t want to color in a picture of a flower for a Mother s Day gift he wants to draw his own picture When his teacher objects, Max runs away, but returns to inspire his classmates to draw their own pictures as well.Max s heart is in the right place, but the fact that he sulks and hides in order to get his way leaves the story feeling somewhat less than inspiring The illustrations are bright and to the point The original flower illustrations at the beginning and end of the books are an unexpected delight, however, contributed by friends, colleagues, and admirers of both Martha Alexander and her posthumous collaborator, James Rumford Whatever the consequences of Max s tantrum, the dedication to personal creativity is sure...

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    I know there are plenty of books for young readers on the theme of individuality, so what made this one stand out I was already hooked by the endpapers of this picture book Martha Alexander s family, friends and colleagues drew flower pictures that are scattered across the endpapers plus one additional spread There is a square left blank on the opening endpaper for the reader to draw their own flower amazingly, the library copy is still clean The small 7x7 trim size means it falls to the bottom of the picture book bins, and I hope it isn t passed over because...

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    For Mother s Day, Max s teacher has given the class pictures of a flower and asked them to color it Max knows that his mother does not like coloring books and knows she won t like that dumb flower picture either So he takes the picture and crayons and runs away Hiding behind the bushes in the schoolyard, he draws his own picture When he shows it to the other children, they draw their own flowers, too I don t see why Max had to run away to color h...

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    I was already not in love with this book because of the title I don t use the words stupid or dumb around my son, so I really didn t want to read it to him The message about individuality is good, BUT ...

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    Max does not want to color in the lines, and knows that his mother would want something Unique He leads the class in a an artistic revolution A gorgeous tribute to Martha Alexander by all her friends and family Be sure to notice the front and back cover p...

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    A headstrong little boy doesn t want to color in the lines, he wants to create his own present for Mother s Day The book ends with all of the mothers happy.The simple illustrations are based on Martha Alexander s sketc...

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    Looking for a picture book that explains process vs product art Okay, not many people would think to look for that but check this one out The simple artwork and storyline deliver an excellent look at what teachers want children to do for art and what children want to do ...

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