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[Ebook] ↠ Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis, Vol. 1 Author Alan Davis –

Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis, Vol. 1Excalibur Leader Captain Britain Is Double Teamed By Problems When The Technet Take Over His House And He S Abducted To Be Put On Trial By His Fellow Captain Britains Meanwhile, Excalibur S Own Ranks Grow As Widget, Kylun, And Cerise Join The Action Presuming Anyone On The Team Survives The Wrath Of The Anti Phoenix Plus, Than Four Years Of Mutant Madness Culminates In A Fearsome Fight In 50 Collects Excalibur 42 50.

[Ebook] ↠ Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis, Vol. 1 Author Alan Davis –
  • Paperback
  • 232 pages
  • Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis, Vol. 1
  • Alan Davis
  • English
  • 02 September 2017
  • 9780785137405

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] ↠ Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis, Vol. 1 Author Alan Davis –

  1. says:

    Excalibur is an underrated title Like Alpha Flight, a superhero team and monthly comic title better known for its being Canadian, much of the charm of the monthly Excalibur comes from being based in the British Isles So you have supporting characters speaking in word balloons with an almost unreadable accent and stakeouts in downtown London Being a British super team doesn t stop it from having most of its adventures situated in the Otherworld, a nexus of the Marvel multi verse and those stories are what Excalibur is best known.Excalibur has a strong creative pedigree and has links to the X Men The team s first adventures were scripted and drawn by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis Claremont was the prime X Men writer, having scribed the adventures of the mutant team s most popular incarnation and has included three former X Men as part of the Excalibur s original line up.This collection features the first nine issues of the return of Davis, now assuming both writing and art duties In those eight issues, Davis managed to resolve a continuity issue, re powered Captain Britain, tied up loose threads from the earliest issues, glimpse Meggan s origin and give the all powerful Phoenix a worthy adversary Along the way, character development is not negl...

  2. says:

    After Claremont left the title, Alan Davis took over both writing and art duties This was actually a very good thing Davis s art is a great fit for a light hearted superhero book like this, and I have to applaud him for giving all of the main characters their own unique and consistent looks As in, there s no way that I could ever confuse Rachel and Kitty, even if Kitty dyed her hair red, because they have different features It s amazing how often this is not the case Most of the trade is a good, straightforward superhero book, with a few notable features For one, what Davis did with Nightcrawler s character development is fantastic The role of leader really suited him, and I don t think he ever got that back after he returned to the X Men Loose ends from Claremont s run are tied up, and the entire run to this point is brought together in a storyline that I suppose was meant to be epic and explain it all Unfortunate...

  3. says:

    EDIT 8 11 16 My criticism of the last issue still stands, but the rest is good and that last issue isn t necessarily bad, just disappointing and Davis art is so fantastic that I will change this to a 4.I would like to reiterate how much I love Alan Davis and how much the first eight issues here epitomize what a good, straight forward super hero comic should be wonderfully drawn, very funny, charming, gripping, addictive The final issue epitomizes what people generally hate about super hero comics climax that doesn t make good on what was promised, confusing continuity heavy explanations that don t make sens...

  4. says:

    Best Excalibur collection yet Totally loved this one Loved this book enough to add it to my Fav Shelf Some pretty great super hero stories here And some of Alan Davis best work Heaven for me as I m such a huge Davis fan This is the book I ll come back to re read again and again for my Excalibur fix.

  5. says:

    I was at the library and, on a shelf of recommended graphic novels, I saw this book I was itching for something a little dumber and easier to read after plowing through a Zippy collection Anyway, I checked it out I d read these issues years ago, but sold them off in one of my ebay purges probably ten years ago Reading them again, nowThey held up okay A little too much going on what is the point of Cerise or Widget or Kylun, really and way too much expository, continuity explaining backstory Way, way, way too much But Davis has a good handle on the cast and gives most of them a little plot of their own during this run.The build up to the big finale doesn t really mean much I could ...

  6. says:

    This was a super fun collection Alan Davis came back with a bang incorporating what other writers had done, explaining it, and bringing it to a very satisfying conclusion I read this after Volume 1 of Knights of Pendragon, and it really made me appreciate the fun within Excalibur This collection educates the reader on the past lots about Otherworld, Phoenix, Roma, and Merlyn The alternate reality mirages are...

  7. says:

    A much needed refresh of the title, with Alan Davis on story as well as art The fun outweighs the weird a little than before, which was a plus at this point, but Davis does stuff in an awful lot of new characters and twists in the lead up to issue 50 Still an enjoyable read B

  8. says:

    Davis really revitalizes the comic, which was wavering in Claremont s last days and became irrelevant in the half year afterward He does a masterful job of revisiting Claremont s many loose ends and closing them effortlessly, whether it be major issues like Technet s hunt for Rachel or minor ones like Nightcrawler and Megan s attraction He simultaneously manages to match the best of Excalibur s humorous tone, and even returns to old plots, characters, and settings from the original Captain Britain days Davis introduction of new characters is less successful Though Kylun is himself an interesting loose end, Micro Max is just annoying and Cerise and Ferun aren t as engaging as any of the comic s originals.As for the plots most of the volume is taken up by characters arcs, and they re generally fine Nightcrawler s training of the Technet is the funniest and Rachel s the most interesting The big story begins in the final issues, with the anti phoenix and Ne...

  9. says:

    This was a long volume but a good one When Excalibur gets referred to as the weirdest and wackiest superhero team they aren t bloody fooling They aren t dysfunctional so much as they re a mix of characters that probably wouldn t always work in the same story and roam around alternate dimensions an...

  10. says:

    This is absolutely my favorite part of Excalibur s run, where it all comes together Alan Davis is at the top of his game, with beautiful, seemingly effortless brilliance in his art and even a few visual puns thrown in, and the writing is amazing, bringing together a dozen differ...

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