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Free ↠ Siete noches By Jorge Luis Borges –

Siete nochesEl Prestigio De Jorge Luis Borges Y El Inter S Despertado Por Su Obra Motiv Que Fuera Invitado A Menudo A Exponer Verbalmente Ante Distintos Auditorios Sus Ideas, Conocimientos E Intuiciones Siete Noches Recoge Las Conferencias Que Pronunci En El A O 1977 En El Teatro Coliseo De Buenos Aires Y Que Fueron Revisadas Por El Propio Autor De Forma Previa A Su Publicaci N Impresa En Ellas Recorre Varios De Sus Temas Favoritos Y Que Encontraron Recurrentemente Eco En Su Obra Literaria Y Ensay Stica La Divina Comedia , La Pesadilla , Las Mil Y Una Noches , El Budismo , La Poes A , La C Bala Y La Ceguera.

Free ↠ Siete noches By Jorge Luis Borges –
  • Paperback
  • 158 pages
  • Siete noches
  • Jorge Luis Borges
  • Spanish
  • 06 August 2018
  • 9788420638805

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    Siete noches Seven nights Seven Nights with Jorge Borges, Jorge Luis BorgesLectures discuss The Divine Comedy, nightmares, The Thousand and One Nights, Buddhism, poetry, the Kabbalah, and blindness First Publication 1980 2000 1387 151 9789643054762 20 1387 .

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    What is magic Magic is a unique causality It is the belief that besides the causal relations we know, there is another causal relation That relationship may be due to accidents, to a ring, to a lamp We rub a ring, a lamp, and a genie appears That genie is a slave who is also omnipotent and who will fulfill our wishes It can happen at any moment A good poem does not allow itself to be read in a low voice or silently If we can read it silently, it is not a valid poem a poem demands pronunciation Poetry always remembers that it was an oral art before it was a written art It remembers that it was first song I think what is most likeable about Borges the author is that you get to see Borges the reader the guy whose paradise was a library And here we get to m...

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    Emerson said that a library is a magic chamber in which there are many enchanted spirits They wake when we call them When the book lies unopened, it is literally, geometrically, a volume, a thing among things When we open it, when the book surrenders itself to its reader, the aesthetic event occurs And even for the same reader the same book changes, for the change we are the river of Heraclitus, who said that the man of yesterday is not the man of today, who will not be the man of tomorrow We change incessantly, and each reading of a book, each rereading, each memory of that rereading, reinvents the text.This is a series of seven lectures Borges delivered in the late 70s, relying on his capacious memory as his eyesight had departed by this time The final lecture on Blindness explores this dynamic, citing Oscar Wilde s assertion that Homer had to be mythologized as a blind poet to present poet...

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    Este librito es magn fico.Hacia 1977, Borges pronunci siete conferencias en el Coliseo de Buenos Aires, que quedan aqu transcritas Aqu se descubre a Borges en su manera de hablar, siempre amena, aunque hable de temas eruditos, a veces dif ciles de entender la literatura, el cuerpo A mi me ha parecido o r su voz tranquila y, a menudo, risue a.La primera trata de la Divina Comedia de Dante y es, tal vez, el mejor elogio que he podido leer sobre esta obra Dice Borges La Comedia es un libro que todos debemos leer No hacerlo es privarnos del mejor don que la literatura pueda darnos, es entregarnos a un extra o ascetismo nadie tiene derecho a privarse de esa felicidad Al menos a mi, me ha convencido que la he de leer.La segunda es una meditaci n sobre los sue os y las pesadillas Considera estos fen menos de la mente humana como el m s antiguo de los procesos creativos Tambi n habla del sentimiento de horror que algunos producen Desde luego, una manera de enfocar este tema del todo distinta al psicoan lisis.La tercera nos habla del infinito libro de Las mil y una noches , de su origen, de su composici n y de sus traducciones Fundamentalmente, habla de la idea del Oriente y de su antigua relaci n con el Occidente.L...

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    Qu puedo decir a estas alturas de nuestro padre universal de las letras, llamado Jorge Luis Borges sino simplemente sumarme a las filas de lectores que se han regocijado con sus libros.Podr a deshacerme en elogios pero caer a en lo redundante, por eso, voy a decirles que he disfrutado much simo de estas siete charlas que Borges diera en el Teatro Coliseo, all por 1977 y en las que despliega toda su sabidur a sobre literatura en siete de los tantos temas que mucho le apasionaban, como eran La Divina Comedia , al que consideraba uno de sus libros preferidos y de Dante, escritor al que adoraba con locura, La pesadilla , en el que realidad habla de los sue os y las pesadillas, Las Mil y una Noches en donde diserta acerca de otro de los libros que lo marcaron a fuego, El Budismo , La Poes a , La...

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    This was good It s seven lectures that Borges gave in seven nights in Buenos Aires in 1977 that s a lot of sevens But it felt like it was me an Borges sitting in a small room across from each other He started talking to me about The Divine Comedy Inferno Purgatorio Paradiso and urged me to shed my fears and read the book He said I would greatly be enriched So I told him ok, I will I was a still a bit intimidated by his presence and at that point would have stuck my hand in boiling water if he told me to Then he started talking about nightmares and I started to loosen up a bit This guy had some pretty crazy nightmares and it turns out that one of his friends and me shared a certain kind of nightmare dreams that try to encompass infinity I wanted to ask questions but he continued on by talking about the book Tales from a Thousand and One Nights and my mouth just hung open He said he had the complete volumes but would never get to read all of them Just knowing they were there gave him comfort And then he went on to Buddhism and my world started spinning He made me question too many of my foundations I wanted to scream but he was relentless never giving me a chance to take a breath This topic than any he shared with me that night haunted me Luckily he switched over to the topic of Poetry and I started to relax a little And then it was on to th...

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    Borges is our Virgil only he knows the way from the introduction by Alastair Reid At first you might mistake the frequency and variety of Borges references for pretentiousness, but soon you will understand it as a symptomof genius Borges seems to be an expert in all things even marginally literary, and it shows very clearly ...

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    A transcription of Borges lectures originally delivered in Buenos Aires Lit crit without the academic pom poms Playful takes on seven subjects Dante s Commedia, dreams and nightmares, the endless pleasures of The Thousand and One Nights, Buddhism, poetry, the Kabbalah, and blindness I imagine myself attending these lectures in English and turning the ideas over in my mind before going to sleep Perhaps I will sleep peacefully knowing...

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