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[KINDLE] ❂ Out of the Silence ❆ Eduardo Strauch –

Out of the Silence KINDLE Out Of The Silence Eduardo Strauch A Personal Story Of Survival, Hope, And Spiritual Awakening In The Face Of Unspeakable Tragedy It S The Unfathomable Modern Legend That Has Become A Testament To The Resilience Of The Human Spirit The 1972 Andes Plane Crash And The Uruguayan Rugby Teammates Who Suffered Seventy Two Days Among The Dead And Dying It Was A Harrowing Test Of Endurance On A Snowbound Cordillera That Ended In A Miraculous Rescue Now Comes The Unflinching And Emotional True Story By One Of The Men Who Found His Way Home.Four Decades After The Tragedy, A Climber Discovered Survivor Eduardo Strauch S Wallet Near The Memorialized Crash Site And Returned It To Him It Was A Gesture That Compelled Strauch To Finally Break The Silence Of The Mountains In This Revelatory And Rewarding Memoir, Strauch Withholds Nothing As He Reveals The Truth Behind The Life Changing Events That Challenged Him Physically And Tested Him Spiritually, But Would Never Destroy Him In Revisiting The Horror Story We Thought We Knew, Strauch Shares The Lessons Gleaned From Far Outside The Realm Of Rational Learning How Surviving On The Mountain, In The Face Of Its Fierce, Unforgiving Power And Desolate Beauty, Forever Altered His Perception Of Love, Friendship, Death, Fear, Loss, And Hope.

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    Wow I remember learning of the crash and that there had been survivors found Here is everything else in between In the hell they found themselves in, they could recognize beauty, a spirituality that lasted and grew Most of all, I was reminded how ridiculous man is when he ever thinks he can contain and control the power found in nature Man is so much smaller than he thinks he is God is SO much greater A good memoir that shows the individual inner gr...

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    Any survivor of that dreadful and unforgettable crash in the Andes deserves our sympathy, respect and admiration However, I found this memoir too fractured to fully engage me It jumps about in time and I was on occasion unsure what the time scale actually was, thus making it feel that their ordeal didn t actually last as long as it did Having read Alive, Piers Paul Read s gripping and detailed account, this new memoir in ...

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    YesI received a copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley in return for my honest independent review This is a real voices translated account of Eduardo surviving a plane crash in the Andes The year was 1972 and as a twelve year old at the time I do remember this as the survivors had no choice but to eat human I remember thinking how awful and reading this today, I consider how desperation must force people to have to make such difficult choices This is a difficult book to rate as I find with non fiction books there is no real comparison to rating a novel This is a very true and interesting account of how a small group of survivors faced adversity and dug deep into themselves to overcome this harrowing experience Eduardo tells how this event shaped his life emotionally and spiritually and I appreciated his story This is very slow paced, however I didnt expect this to be an easy read The story doesn t always flow fre...

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    The narrative jumped from the time of the crash to the future or past frequently, without adding anything key to the story.Although the author and surviving members of the crash were ultimately rescued, the author seemed to have lost h...

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    Very HeadyI have known about this crash since it happened I saw the movie.Reading this book by a person who was there explains so much and helps all to see the beauty on the mountain in spite of the terrible cost of lives However that was the fault of the crash, not the mountain

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    This was an interesting and sensitively written memoir of such a difficult situation and the miraculous rescue I had not read any other book about this event so it held my interest just to read the details he provides Not much to say about his book but he did try to give his personal impressions a...

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    This is a true story of a plane crash that happened in 1972 in the Andes The terrivle conflicts while trying to survive and the stamina and will of those that fought to live is amazing Makes you really think about your life and wonder what choices you would make if this aw...

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    The author jumped around a lot It was not a chronological story as I was expecting Toward the end of the book several chapters seems to have nothing to do with the crash The experiences he details of the crash and life after was great, too bad he didn t carry that through the book.

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    I remember hearing about this crash in the news I was in my teens I found this book to be an interesting read.

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    I tried to read this book But could not get into it Maybe because it was translated from a different language Only read a couple of chapters.

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