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[PDF] ✐ Say It Again (First Wives, #5) ✑ Catherine Bybee –

Say It Again (First Wives, #5) In The Final First Wives Novel By New York Times Bestselling Author Catherine Bybee, Falling In Love Could Become The Most Dangerous Dare Of One Woman S LifeProtector For Hire Sasha Budanov Is Accustomed To Life As A Loner Always On The Move, She S Now Reached A Crossroad Looking For Answers About Her Shadowy Youth, She S Returned To The Strict Boarding School In Germany Where She Was Raised It S Also Where She Was Trained In The Stealthy, Militarized Art Of Survival But Behind Its Gleaming Gates, Richter Is A Fortress Of Secrets, Including Those Buried In Sasha S Mysterious Past To Uncover Them, She S Clinging To Her First Rule Of Defense Stay GuardedIf Anyone Can Challenge Sasha S Rules, It S Devilishly Sexy Stranger AJ Hofmann He Wants Answers, Too And He Needs Sasha S Help The Recent Deaths Of Several Of Richter S Former Students Including AJ S Own Sister Have Aroused His Suspicions He S Arousing Something In Sasha Never One To Surrender To Her Emotions, She Senses Something Tempting In AJ She Trusts Him He S Fearless And He Kisses Like A Demon Sasha S Found Her MatchBut Treading Richter S Dark Halls And Following Their Hearts Has Its Risks As The Decades Old Secrets Of The Past Are Mined, Sasha And AJ Are Falling Deeper In Love And Into Danger

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    Got this as an ARC from Netgalley Another great book by Catherine Bybee I enjoyed this book that wraps up the First Wives Club but didn t feel so involved with Sasha, maybe because she is not one of the wives but just a friend Can t wait to see what Catherine Bybee has as her next series I have loved them all and introduced friends to her books, which they also love.

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    I m so sad this is the last FIRST WIVES book from Catherine Bybee, because I simply love all of the additions to the series, this one included.For the past few books we ve seen SASHA BUDANOV as a bad ass protector and security maven SAY IT AGAIN finally gives up a glimpse of who and what she really is.First and foremost, she s a loner Raised in a military type school where she thought she was an orphan, Sasha is a woman for whom the words I love you was never said to her.Now, at a crossroads in her life, she returns to that school to look for some kind of balance in her life Once there, a stranger approaches her and asks for her help in finding out what happened to his dead sister also an alumnus of the school and a fringe acquaintance of Sasha s She doesn t want to help him, but when questions keep popping up instead of answers, she agrees.And for the first time, Sasha isn t alone Not in her professional life And not in her personal one.This man, AJ Hofmann, makes Sasha feel things she s never allowed her self to feel before and she s as confused and mad about it as you d expect her to be.In the end, the mystery flowing thru the book is solved, but what s , Sasha finds that balance she was looking for.Ms Bybee continues to write books about people I wish I could be friends with Her dialogue, her settings, even the way she conveys deep emotion, simply speak to me.5 very well deserved stars to the end of a fabulous series Thanks to Netgalley and Montlake for a sneak peek at this soon to be released denouement.

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    This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.Could not wait for Sasha s story She was so mysterious in the previous books and snuck in and out and you just wanted of her.She sets up a huge chain reaction when she goes back and visits the boarding school she attended and graduated from There are a few twists and turns that you do not see coming and I could not put the book down When Sasha meets AJ, there is not the instant love as Sasha is not used to this emotion and it kind of grows along the way as they research why AJ s sister was killed.I loved that we see the other members of the First Wives and a mention of Samantha and Blake and a book that sounds pretty similar to theirs Glad the wait for the book is over and that it exceeded my expectations but sorry that all the wives are now married and it looks like the series has ended.

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    Sadly, this is the last of the First Wives Club series, but it ended with Sashas s story and I loved it While Sasha was not part of the First Wives Club, she did have an integral part of the series Always a loner, seemingly coming and going in the darkness of night helping her friends Yet when she tries to find out about herself, she finds a man, AJ, who is also troubled by his past As their past intertwines with each other, the two together make an undeniable force to be reckoned with This story has lost of mystery, action, and steamy romance and has made it in the top of my reading list for the year Catherine has done an outstanding job, as usual, and should be on your must read list.

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    What a fun book with a lot of action Sasha is a like a female version of James Bond She has been slipping in and out of the lives of the first wives club for several years and now we finally find out about her Not knowing where her life is going, she returns to where she grew up, a military style school with secrets than anwers AJ is looking for the killer of is sister and he suspects that it has something to do with the school she attended The same school that Sasha did Reluctantly, Sasha agrees to help with his search They make a great team and it was wonderful getting caught of with all the other characters in previous books I loved Claire and I really enjoyed the story.

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    This is a wonderful, yet sad, story I cried so much throughout the book Sad is not usually my cup of tea, but there was no way I could bring myself to stop reading it Catherine Bruns brought this book to life and made me feel as if I was the main character I can t wait to read the next book in this series I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley.

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    Sasha and AJ Wow Sasha is a kick ass , intelligent woman and AJ is her perfect match I started and finished this book in one night Now I have to read everything by this author I love her style

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    Action packed You will laugh and cry in Say It Again Catherine takes you a nonstop adventure as misfits fight for justice and freedom This roller coaster will make you crave for .

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    Sob, sob, sob Who would have ever thought tears would be a part of Sasha s story This is a MUST read for those who ve read the rest of this series, but is great as a standalone as well Sasha was the bad ass, protector throughout this series well, she still is in this book But we get a human glimpse at what Sasha went through as a youth and what shaped her into the loner, protector, and fierce ass kicker.The secrets at Sasha s former boarding school are deadly and someone does not want those exposed When A.J is trying to find her sister s killer, the path leads back to the same school, Richter With A.J set to be Sasha s love interest I was excited to see how he ticked What type of man would it take to tame Sasha Could this woman even be tamed or would A.J just hitch along for he wild ride that is Sasha This was an absolutely fascinating read The drama and suspense were consuming.I loved the entire gang was a part of the book and how they come together as a family for Sasha I wasn t expecting the waterworks, but that shows what an amazing author Catherine Bybee is to bring heartwarming tears to your eyes when it s dealing with a female bad ass superhero.

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    The central character in Say It Again, the fifth entry in Catherine Bybee s First Wives Series, is the always enigmatic and aloof Sasha Budanov Keeping in line with Sasha s character, this outing is romantic intrigue than pure romance or romantic suspense It was virtually impossible to put down after what seemed like a bit of a choppy beginning Sasha, bored and feeling at loose ends, returns to what amounts to the only home she really knew growing up, Richter, a boarding school that is half education, half prison, and half military training, to quote Sasha At a bar, Sasha encounters AJ Hofmann, who later implores her to assist him in discovering who murdered his sister, also an alumni of Richter, as well as one of her roommates, in separate events Though others discount there is a link, AJ is sure the two deaths are related and connected to Richter Sasha knew his sister and her curiosity is piqued AJ s instincts prove correct but the hows, whys, and who behind it all make for novel full of twists, turns and unknowns Along the way, Sasha picks up not only a romantic interest in AJ, but a surrogate younger sister, Claire, a student at Richter who, like Sasha, is an orphan who knows nothing about herself or her family Claire is a breath of fresh air and very likable AJ has a murky past of his own, making him an interesting match for Sasha An orphan, Sasha has always viewed herself without family and close friends In this book she finally learns that family is not always defined by blood and that she has friends than she ever realized.I always find Catherine Bybee s books very enjoyable, and without fail, I am eager to read any new releases This book is no different and I recommend it to pretty much anyone but especially to those who enjoy romance, romantic suspense and a good story.I was given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review The opinions stated are solely my own.

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