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➾ The International Trade Centre Download ➹ Author Stephen Browne –

The International Trade Centre In The Era Of Rapid Globalization, The ITC Plays A Significant And Wide Ranging Role Working With Both Governments And Trade Support Institutions To Nurture An Export Culture, This Work Will Provide A Much Needed Overview Of This Dynamic Organization This Book Details The History Of The Organization Since Its Inception Examines Its Current Mandate And The Impact Of Recent Reforms Analyses The Ability Of The ITC To Provide Trade Intelligence, And Its Role In The Development Of National Export Strategies Evaluates The Future Challenges, And Emphasises That The ITC Must Continue To Broaden Its Mandate And Continue To Be Responsive And Results Orientated To Remain A Key Player The Status Of ITC Half In And Half Out Of The UN Could Prove To Be An Interesting Model For The Future, And This Work Will Be Of Interest To Not Only To Academics But Also Government Trade Specialists And Negotiators, The Aid For Trade Donors, NGOs, And Those Involved In The Running Of International Organizations.

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