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EPUB ✵ The Queen of Steel and Fire (Queen of Steel and Fire, #1) Author Steven B. South –

The Queen of Steel and Fire (Queen of Steel and Fire, #1) A Murdered King A Young Princess Thrust Onto The Throne An Enemy Queen, Fighting To Forge An Empire As War Engulfs An Entire World, Only Queen Can Rule Through Steel And Fire.When Her Father Is Murdered, Sixteen Year Old Princess Claire Erinn Must Become The First Female Ruler Of Keldaren As Soon As Claire Takes The Throne, Enemies Arise On Her Borders And From Within Her Own Court Claire Knows She S Not Ready To Rule But That S A Secret She Has To Hide From Her Enemies, And From Her Own People Claire Must Act Like A Strong Queen If She Hopes To Survive Long Enough To Become One As War Looms, Claire Struggles To Save Her Kingdom, And Herself A Rival Queen And Claire S Half Mad Brother Are Both Coming For Her Crown And Her Head With Death Herself Hunting Her, Claire Must Become The Warrior Her Kingdom Needs She S Willing To Face Death To Save Keldaren But The Price Of Victory May Be Even Higher Than Claire S Life Book Trailer

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    Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is important than fear Franklin D Roosevelt This is the essence of who Claire Erinn is and the Queen she is becoming At 16 years of age Claire Erinn must deal with the suspicious death of her father and take her place as the first female ruler of Keldaren Immediately following her father s death there are already factions, in and out of the kingdom, vying to usurp her power Said factions assume that her youth means she s naive of the political power plays that exist in the court of royalty The day of her coronation the Dragon Knights appear with her father s sword and an offer to train her as a Dragon Knight This is a pivotal point in now Queen Claire s development as the new ruler of Keldaren The training she receives from the Knight s as well as the dragon she partners with are instrumental in the evolution of her leadership abilities Surprising both herself and her enemies she proves she is a force to be reckoned with.At 434 pages The Queen of Steel and Fire is an epic fantasy worthy of the genre This story has layers and as each layer is slowly, and carefully removed of South s world and machina behind are revealed Fantasy is one of my favorite genres to read, I love being swept into a world full of a magic, dragons, and strong characters I absolutely adored both the novel as well as South s writing H...

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    Spoiler free I m not going to discuss the plot, a synopsis was already provided above.Honestly I don t know where to start so I apologize in advance if this is a little jumbled This was the easiest to get into fantasy book I have ever read It was so easy to get lost in The characters were logical which I can t even begin to explain how appreciative I am over that This book has multiple perspectives, so you get insight from all sides of the story which is really enjoyable Even the villains you just can t help but love to hate Claire acted her age, and her thoughts were written in italics which was so insightful You literally got to see what s in her head She was strong, but not magically out of nowhere strong She really grew as a character There were no parts that dragged out, which tends to happen a lot in fantasy Everything transitioned so smoothly, it was exceptionally executed The world building was incredible, the creatures were described extremely well It made it easy to picture in your head There s a map included as well Plus there s dragons and how can you not love that The magic elements were fascinating I love the way that they bond with the dragons.The religion in the novel was so original, and well thought out It really shows how much thought went into the book I want t...

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The Queen of Steel and Fire is a coming of age story with a really strong female lead character Claire inherits the throne after the murder of her father and has to fight to establish her position as the queen in the title She has enemies both within her kingdom from treacherous advisors seeking power for themselves and outside from a neighbouring kingdom trying to turn her youth and inexperience to its own advantage.The author builds and describes the world well, the characterisations are sharp and the plot keeps moving along nicely The relationship between the young queen and her dragon is lovely and there is plenty of action, ranging from individual fight scenes to large scale battle sequences There is a clear and presumably intentional gender imbalance in the story in that most of the good guys are female and most of the ...

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    The Queen of Steel and Fire by Steven South is a 434 page epic fantasy It is written in third person, present tense and has forty four chapters I loved the drawn map of Teranak Island The clipart with the banner and swords was very fitting I was glad to see that South referred to The Queen of Steel and Fire as a series South did an incredible amount of world building With his map, everything was easily imagined He gave the reader enough detail without over indulging I also love a strong female lead Claire Erinn was barely coming to terms with her father s death, when she had to assume the crown and become queen Her charac...

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    Solid 3.5 stars I see an ocean of possibilities And which one actually happens That s up to you You write your own story Chapter 11 This is a very fast paced book, which is nicebut it also feels like the content is rushed And that is not nice.It s Christian themed, and that heavily comes into play almost exactly halfway through There are great questions and answers presented as to why multiple gods exist, how a loving deity can allow suffering, what it actually means to have free will, and why even angels cannot fully predict one s future Yet we all want signs that what we believe is real, something that instinctively feels right and not created.However, we have limited understanding of certain things Many aspects of life are mysterious because we just simply don t have the capacity to fully grasp their meaning Based on what we can believe, we have to have faith that the rest is real This is particularly true because we do sometimes blindly put our faith trust in people, who we can physically interact with So why not a deity Claire Erinn is 16 and is now the Crowned Queen She knows her father was killed, and it s up to her and her guard, Kerry, to determine what even happened.Kerry is an awesome person, both a mother figu...

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    It s Christian fantasy fiction that moves at a good clip, though I found myself wishing it would slow down a little bit.The Christian emphasis on the One True God vs many false gods was too heavy handed for my taste A little finesse would have gone a long way here.Of course I h...

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    I loved the dragons and mix breed animals I think my favorite part was where Claire and Braeus form their official bond

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    2 stars First 50% was OK, though a little simplistic and military aspects unrealistic Quit at 60% as book became overly evangelical discovered later it s tagged as a Christian book

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    The storyline wasn t bad but some of the repetitive wording was annoying Two sisters who constantly call each other sis had me rolling my eyes Really, seven times during one chunk of dialog Also, the religious aspect became far too preachy for me and I almost stopped reading a few times because ...

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