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[Read] ➱ Heir to a Prophecy Author Mercedes Rochelle –

Heir to a Prophecy Shakespeare S Witches Tell Banquo, Thou Shalt Get Kings Though Thou Be None Though Banquo Is Murdered, His Son Fleance Gets Away What Happened To Fleance As Shakespeare S Audience Apparently Knew, Banquo Was The Ancestor Of The Royal Stewart Line But The Road To Kingship Had A Most Inauspicious Beginning, And We Follow Fleance Into Exile And Death, Bestowing The Witches Prophecy On His Illegitimate Son Walter Born In Wales And Raised In Disgrace, Walter S Efforts To Understand Banquo S Murder And Honor His Lineage Take Him On A Long And Treacherous Journey Through England And France Before Facing His Destiny In Scotland.

[Read] ➱ Heir to a Prophecy  Author Mercedes Rochelle –
  • Paperback
  • 418 pages
  • Heir to a Prophecy
  • Mercedes Rochelle
  • 04 February 2018
  • 9781782797548

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    Find this and other reviews at Rochelle s Heir to a Prophecy was an interesting choice for me The fact that it is historic fiction and relates to the royal Stewarts were major selling points, but I personally feel Shakespeare overrated and wasn t at all convinced the book would work The realist in me screamed proceed with caution, but I hoped for the best am happy to report the risk proved worthwhile Historically speaking, the novel touches a lot of wonderful material and I actually like how it acts as a sort of bookend to the play on which it is based There are a few graphic scenes, but I felt the content necessary and entirely appropriate to the subject matter I liked the balance Rochelle managed to create between fact and fiction and was pleasantly surprised at how she was able to manipulate the Shakespearean elements of the s...

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    Mercedes Rochelle picks up on one of the conundrums in Macbeth For the modern reader audience, it s a bit of an oddity that Macbeth is told he will be King, while his friend Banquo is told he will have heirs who are kings It means nothing to us.Starting from this prophecy, the author takes us into the history, known and mythologized, of the Stuart line The line of Kings that led to James the 1st, the intended audience for the play Many of the characters from Macbeth are visible in this tale We find out what happened to Macolm, Seward, MacDuff, and others Shakespeare took actions that lasted than a decade and condensed them down into five acts Mercedes puts the time scales back in, following the journey of Fleance, and then his son Walter, to unravel the threads of fate that do indeed seem to make Banquo an ancestor of kings It is a fascinating tale, blending fiction, fact and myth into a very convi...

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    Heir to a Prophecy, by Mercedes Rochelle is an absorbing tale dealing with the prophecy told by Shakespeare s witches to Banquo, the ancestor of the royal Stewart line Thou Shalt Get Kings Though Thou Be None The prophecy and the witches steer the fate of the books main character, Walter, son of Fleance, who is the son of Banquo Rochelle takes the reader along for the ride of Walter s remarkable life and the people and events that happen to him Walter is very well written and we understand his character and his motives for his decisions and why he does what he does Supporting characters such as King Malcolm Can are equally well written The author knows the period in which she writes extremely well and puts the reader into the 11th century mind set quite easily I am very passionate about the medieval time period and really enjoy reading books that take place in that scope of history I especially enjoyed ...

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    Those familiar with Shakespeare s Macbeth will recognize from this story the characters of Banquo, Fleance and the Three Weird Sisters While they set the stage, the protagonist throughout most of the narrative is Walter Stewart beginning with his early life as a Welsh outcast, to his glory days as the King of Scots confidante Malcom III s defeat over Macbeth, William the Conqueror s Battle of Hastings and the subsequent uprisings in Northern England are among the action filled pages.This story is a perfect introduction to 11th century Scotland, England and Wales and even a bit of Brittany , with minute descriptions of the kingdoms and their people and ways of life I tend to read and review books with a female protagonist, but had no trouble emphasizing with Walter and his plight Anyone inte...

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    A well crafted story on the makings of the royal Stewart line Rochelle masterfully combines history, fiction and myth creating a fascinating and riveting read No worries if you haven t read Macbeth, you ll understand fully where Shakespeare s Macbeth ends and this story begins.Banquo is murdered, his son escapes, however the story continues with focus on Banquo s grandson Walter The prophecy is through Walter with just the right of amount of supernatural element via the weird sisters to add interest and entertainment Walter is a solid character, he comes of age, finally he masters control of his anger and pursues predictions.Rochelle proves originality and executes balance enough Shakespeare married with fiction equal in weight Doses of myth suiting the narrative.Historical fiction enthusiasts with all certa...

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    Actual Rating 3.5 CharactersThis book mostly follows Walter, but it doesn t start there It starts with Fleance Walter is an interesting character to follow However, there are lots and lots of characters that you ll meet This story isn t told from their point of view but rather in a narrative voicemost of the time Sometimes the story line dips into third person, making the POVs fluid This actually gibes the novel a visceral feel PlotThis story is not so much about characters It is a story of lives Lives lived and lost Set in the 1000s It has a historical novel feel with a overlay of a fictional backdrop Prophecy and an established story results in many of the plot points being predictableright up to the end This story starts almost as abruptly as it ends which was a bit of a bump in the road for me It takes you on a journey though, an interesting and unexpected journey OverallThe writing has a historical feel and is long winded Takes on a telling style, rather than showing, because of the narrative like writing That being said there are some very powerful lines However, the past and future story telling can be very jarring at times Like someone reading a book and paraphrasing as they read Which means it sort of meanders and then just ends Very abruptly The journey until you get there is interesting Rating3.5 rounded up Readers of historical novels and those who like Shakespeare will enjoy this book It takes you...

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    Book ReviewHEIR TO A PROPHECYBy Mercedes RochelleAt first I was not sure what to expect, but the further I got into the story, the I enjoyed this tale from Wales, to England to Scotland, to Normandy, back to England, and finally back to Scotland.The time period around the last days of the Anglo Saxon Kingdom of England, to the days of the Norman Conquest and the formation of the Kingdom of Scotland was never one that I had studied or read much about But from reading Mercedes book, I not have a greater appreciation for the period.It takes you on a trip through history that spans decades A trip so pleasurable that it was very hard to set down because you wanted to keep reading to find out how it was to end.My book review notes tell me that I should record my impressions and note effective passages for quoting But where would I begin The book as a whole was in my opinion a romp There are too many passages that would require equal billing to quote.Because of this book I have begun to study the period, not just the Norman Conquest but the later days of Anglo Saxons, the constant troubles with both the Scots and the Welsh Things I had not realized before or...

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    You don t have to be a lover of Shakespeare to follow this story, but my impetus came from Macbeth and the Witches, who predicted that Banquo would be the father of Kings Poor Banquo was soon murdered in an effort to defeat this prophecy, but his son Fleance fled the scene and the country as well His escape led him to north Wales and the court of Gruffydd ap Llewelyn, who took him in as a noble exile and gave him a place with his family Alas, Fleance fell in love with princess Nesta, and their illicit affair resulted in her pregnancy Their illegitimate son Walter was the next link in the Witches prophecy, and it is his story that leads the reader across England to Scotland, Brittany and Wales Walter enlists in Harold Godwineson s service against the Welsh, accompanies Prince Malcolm to the Battle of Dunsinane, and even fights at the Battle of Hastings alongside his new father in law, Count Alain le Rouge But ultimately he settles in Scotland alongside his friend King Malcolm, eventually attaining the rank as first Steward of Scotland and ancestor of the Stewart line of kings.After Hastings, the young Eadgar Aetheling, true Anglo Saxon heir, shows up at Malcolm s court hungry and need of shelter He brings his mother and sisters, and Malcolm falls in love with t...

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    What do you get when you take a book that includes Scottish history, makes me think of Shakepeare s Scottish play ahem and has thoroughly engaging story You get one very happy reader on the Back Porch me , that s what While MacBeth was an historical person, Shakespeare s play took liberties with the history on which it was based, including apparently, the existence of Fleance, son of Banquo Even the Stuart kings of Scotland claimed to be descended from Fleance, which would give them a genealogical connection to the fabled King Arthur But then, the kinds and queens of that age were not adverse to rewriting history in order to strengthen their images or their claims to a throne.I could really feel Fleance s fear in the opening scene, when he and his father Banquo are set upon by a trio of assassins Fleance manages to escape but his father was not so lucky Where o...

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    Although not my usual genre, this book was tempting for the time period involved Although I was familiar with Macbeth, I had never considered the details surrounding the play At times difficult to read for the sometimes difficult subject matter, but always realistic and captivating this book is well worth a read for a lover of historical fiction, as well as anyone w...

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