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[PDF] Sealed Fate Savage Passion By Patricia Lynndail –

Sealed Fate Savage Passion Roselynn Augustine Finds Herself Betrothed To Robert Delbeck, A Vicious Man Unswayed, Roselynn Schemes To Be Released From The Contract, But Instead, Robert Nearly Beats Her To Death Stephon McFadrian Is Forced To Kidnap His Enemy S Fiancee To Keep Him From Cashing Her Dowry, Using It To Annihilate Him And His Clan Stephon Is Ecstatic To Find Robert S Fiancee Is A Woman From His Past The Fiery Roselynn Is Than He Bargained For And He Finds Himself Drawn To Her Fierce Personality Roselynn Is Kidnapped By Her Savior, A Man She Only Knew As The Beast His Deadly Caresses Threaten To Consume Her Roselynn Fights His Advances And Defies Him At Every Turn, But With Each Encounter, She Finds It Harder To Resist Her Own Aching Desires Robert Returns, Lusting For Revenge Roselynn Falls Into Delbeck S Clutches And Stephon Is Forced To Make A Decision That Will Forever Haunt Him Sealed Fate, Savage Passion Will Take You Through A Series Of Unpredictable Twists And Turns, With Some Humor The Reader Will Find It Impossible To Put Down

[PDF] Sealed Fate Savage Passion  By Patricia Lynndail –
  • Paperback
  • 536 pages
  • Sealed Fate Savage Passion
  • Patricia Lynndail
  • 18 July 2017
  • 9781496934116

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