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[ PDF ] ✅ Περὶ ὕψους Author Longinus –

Περὶ ὕψουςThis Work Has Been Selected By Scholars As Being Culturally Important, And Is Part Of The Knowledge Base Of Civilization As We Know It This Work Was Reproduced From The Original Artifact, And Remains As True To The Original Work As Possible Therefore, You Will See The Original Copyright References, Library Stamps As Most Of These Works Have Been Housed In Our Most Important Libraries Around The World , And Other Notations In The Work This Work Is In The Public Domain In The United States Of America, And Possibly Other Nations Within The United States, You May Freely Copy And Distribute This Work, As No Entity Individual Or Corporate Has A Copyright On The Body Of The Work.As A Reproduction Of A Historical Artifact, This Work May Contain Missing Or Blurred Pages, Poor Pictures, Errant Marks, Etc Scholars Believe, And We Concur, That This Work Is Important Enough To Be Preserved, Reproduced, And Made Generally Available To The Public We Appreciate Your Support Of The Preservation Process, And Thank You For Being An Important Part Of Keeping This Knowledge Alive And Relevant.

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    Orpheus serenading the animals 3rd century CE Roman mosaic from Asia MinorAll such frivolities in discourse are due to the same cause, namely, a desire for novel conceits.As a Greco Roman text on literary aesthetics, On Great Writing On the Sublime is widely regarded by specialists as second only to Aristotle s Poetics, though it is incomplete it is estimated that one third of the text is missing and its author and date of composition are unknown Remarkably enough, it is a very readable piece of literary criticism written in epistolary style and thus seemingly informal that is appealing to the modern reader with its open enthusiasm and concrete illustrations drawn from all of ancient Greek literature oratory, philosophy, poetry and history and, at one point, from the Book of Genesis The author analyzes some of the many virtues and vices of style and illustrates each, but he emphasizes that the most important trait for great writing is high mindedness I fear that with that one stroke he eliminated nearly all of our contem...

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    The below is ONLY for hardcore rhetoric nerds.LONGINUS On The Sublimeor how to be real fucking dull while lecturing us on how not to be real fucking dull.This is one of those rhetorics that reminds me of why I love the Sophists They didn t come from posh backgrounds and had to sing for their suppers, so had an immediate pecuniary interest in being interesting, handily giving demonstrative lessons on how to be interesting, unlike so many classical rhetoricians who would instruct us on such without it ever occurring that they themselves should obey their own rhetorical success formulas, if only to see if they really have legs Unfortunately there s so much of this stuff laying around than there is of those dudes who were on the road all the time, peddling their tropes and figures back when rhetoric got RESPECK.Instead of being demonstrative his ownself, Longinus relies on Herotodus, Homer, and Xenophon for excitement charged examples of how one approaches the sublime in thought, speech, and writing, apparently unaware of his remaining a sober counter example all...

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    Gardons nous d crire trop bien C est la pire mani re qu il y ait d crire. Anatole France Pero a m me parece que entre nosotros el estilo es tambi n un problema tico, una cuesti n de decencia Es tan f cil escribir bien Julio Cort zarUm livro de regras e exemplos que nos diz que seguir regras e exemplos nem sempre resulta Apol nio de Rodes , segundo as regras e os exemplos, melhor escritor do que Homero mas a verdade que ningu m quer ser Apol nio de Rodes um livro honesto sobre estilo descreve o sublime e os seus usos menos sublimes, n o necessariamente condenando estes Apesar de tudo, usa s vezes um bocado de tica como condimento a est tica que realmente lhe interessa.Come, ...

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    The text here is the 1890 Havell translation Its introduction is thoughtful regarding the identity of the author I happen to prefer, aesthetically, the thesis that author is the cat executed by Aurelian when the latter became restitutor orientis.Heavily laden with tautology and other faux definitions that simply remove the mystery one step, the text is happy to state that the Sublime acting with an imperious and irresistible force, sways every reader 2 We might identify this when a passage is pregnant in suggestion, when it is hard, nay impossible, to distract the attention from it, and when it takes a strong and lasting hold on the memory, then we may be sure that we have lighted on the true Sublime 12 Sublimity is accordingly a function of rhetoric Most of the argument is mere exemplification, both positive and negative, via reference to other writers, such as Hence we laugh at those fine words of Gorgias of Leontini, such as Xerxes the Persian Zeus and vultures, those living tombs, and at certain conceits of Callisthenes which are high flown rather than sublime, and at some in Cleitarchus ludicrous still a writer whose frothy style tempts us to travesty Sophocles and say, He blows a little pipe, and blows it ill The same faults may be observed in Amphicrates and Hegesias and Matris, who in their frequent moments a...

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    This little book, written by an unknown author sometime in the first century AD , is the most significant piece of literary criticism surviving from ancient Rome The author argues that exceptional or sublime writing contains at least one of five features i The power to conceive great thoughts, either through an author s natural talent or by the author s use of imitative and or visualization techniques ii Strong and inspired emotion This portion of the book is no longer extant iii Skilled use of figures of thought and figures of speech iv Noble diction, achieved through word choice and the skilled use of metaphorical and artificial language v Dignified and elevated word arrangement i.e., well structured.Some fragments have been lost over the years, but the surviving text is compelling While Aristotle s Poetics focuses on theory and general principles of good drama, On the Sublime is much interested in applying the author s rules to specific texts A whole host of ancient works are quoted and critiqued Homer, Plato, the Athenian dramatists, Aristophanes, Sappho, Ap...

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    But Longinus book, taken as a whole, is far from Plato s pessimism He shows us that great thoughts have been uttered by great men in the past perhaps they could be uttered again D A Russell, Introduction __________You have asked me to set down a few notes on sublimity for your own use Let us then consider whether there is anything in my observations which may be useful .__________The Longinian Sublime is very different from the Philosophical Aesthetic Sublime where Kant and Burke respectively describe the latter as the mere capacity of thinking which evidences a faculty of mind transcending every standard of the senses. and the strongest emotion which the mind is capable of feeling. Longinus describes the Sublime as an Aesthetic quality found common in the very best writing although it is evident in a few of Longinus descriptions of readers emotional states where Burke and Kant would take Longinus concept On the Sublime is a nice little work, parts of which are sadly lost, where Longinus discourses upon this topic, quoting from a variety of authors illustrate his theories of what makes a book good, and what is conducive of the Sublime He is also quite humorous in places.A nice complement to Aristotle s Poetics._____Read from Classical Literary Criticism__________ For grandeur produces ecstasy rather than pe...

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    Longinus holds that great oratory, which is of sublime character, courses through the interstitial space between premeditation and the spur of the moment One has to torture speech with defects of chronology, misplaced emphasis, and other interruptions lest it rolls out too polished from the mouth of the orator and on this account fail to ascend to the heights of the Sublime The Sublime, according to Longinus, does not persuade the eff...

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    Qu este libro se haya escritura hace 2.000 a os aprox no cabe en la cabeza Un libro muy til para entender porque consideramos bellos, sublimes, a ciertos trabajos.

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    Longino De lo Sublime Para m un tema totalmente nuevo Me interes en este libro por un ensayo de Anne Carson titulado FOAM Essay with Rhapsody On the Sublime in Longinus and AntonioniEl ensayo se ala que De lo sublime tiene argumentos confusos, poca organizaci n, ninguna conclusi n, que son incoherentes sus intentos de definici n Tambi n se menciona que al terminar de leer sus cap tulos no tendr s una idea clara de lo que realmente es Sublime, pero que te habr encantado su documentaci n.Todav a no terminaba el ensayo y ya me urg a leer a Longino De lo sublime es un libro de pocas p ginas, pero con gran valor en su contenido Carson ten a raz n, me encant la documentaci n y qued complacido de haber le do algo nuevo e interesante El final de la obra de Longino me dej impresionado, a n cuando el ensayo ya me lo hab a advertido.Goc leyendo este libro, me enriqueci...

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