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[Reading] ➸ Shades of Silence Author Gloria Marlow –

Shades of Silence Sara Jennings Yearns For Silence From The Gift That Enables Her To Feel What Those Around Her Are Feeling Drake Sexton Longs To End The Silence That Has Overtaken His Young Daughter Kelsey Since The Night Of Her Mother S Death In Desperation, He Seeks Sara Out, Hoping Beyond Hope That She Can Help His Daughter Kelsey Sexton Is Locked In A World Of Silence, Frightened And Alone, Until Sara Jennings Enters Her Life Kelsey S Mother, Madeline Sexton, Died In What Appeared To Be A Suicide, But Sara Realizes Quickly That What Kelsey Witnessed The Night Of Her Mother S Death Was Not Suicide, But Murder Determined To Help Both Kelsey And Drake, Sara Embarks On A Journey That Takes Her Into The Deepest, Darkest Secrets Of Madeline Sexton S Life With Every Step Of The Way, She Realizes That Madeline S Killer Is Willing To Pay Any Price To Keep His Secrets Silent.

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    I wanted to like it than I did I liked the plot than the characters Drake was an uber dick and Sara was all I d never even considered making love and now I m a whore because she kissed a guy Lots of unanswered questions and dangling plot threads Overall, that s gonna be a meh from me.

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