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[Ebook] ➦ Betrayal (The Painted Sky #6) Author Murray Pura –

Betrayal (The Painted Sky #6) In The Aftermath Of The Apache Raid, Sheriff Teddy Westcott Has Some Questions For Marianne Freeman, Questions About The Murder Of Ahab Hawthorne That Are Difficult For Her To Answer Yet Before The Air Has Cleared From The Attack By Blood Lance, Or Marianne Can Properly Respond To The Sheriff S Accusations, She And The Other Widows And The Preacher Brothers Are Betrayed, As One Double Cross Leads To Another In A Matter Of Minutes, No One Is Sure Who Is On Whose Side Any, Who Is Friend And Who Is Foe, Or If Anyone Can Be Trusted Meanwhile, On The Desert Horizon, A New Danger Is Building, One Greater Than Any The Preachers And Widows Have Faced Before Faith And Prayers Continue To Give Them Strength But There Is No Certainty That Any Of Them Are Going To Come Out Of This Fresh Confrontation Alive.

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    On the heels of Volume Five in the exciting The Painted Sky series, comes this new chapter called Betrayal that s fraught with tension, fast and furious action, and is hotter than the Mexican desert Upon the grim discovery that Hawthorn was shot in the back with a Henry rifle, Sheriff Teddy Westcott aims his gun at Marianne accusing her of being the murderer Before the preaching David brothers can react, Westcott secures the upper hand with a swift and orchestrated plan of attack against the brothers and the widows, and soon has them all under his control.As they all wait at the Church at Lazarus Top for the Sheriff s mysterious guests of honour to arrive, one of Hawthorne s men is seen by them all, standing at the foot of the hill in the distance holding an Apache warrior in his arms What can this mean for them all It s not long before the evil Bishop of Tucumcari and men arrive, taking deadly charge of the situation It looks to be all over for the brothers, ...

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    Painted Sky part 6 Betrayal by Murray PuraI love to watch John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart western movies Murray Pura s Painted Sky reminds me of those westerns Each of these short stories follows the widows as they struggle to fight against evil men who are responsible for their tragedies, grief and problems However, these are not your average women, which these men soon learn 6 Betrayal They survived the Indian attack but will they survive the corrupt sheriff s lies and betrayal What a shock to learn who the mastermind is behind all the greed and the sheriff s boss someone the preacher brothers actually know and thought was trustworthy When all seems lost and no way out God sends a most unlikely rescuer Wow, and surprises around every bend But is this the last of the evil men and their...

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    The Painted Sky vol 6 BetraylBy Murray PuraAfter the raid by the Apache s Sheriff Westcott accuses Marianne of killing Ahab Hawthorne Now the Sheriff has all the David brothers and the widows held captive Marianne is being used as bait tied to the front door This volume is filled with action and will keep you on your toes There is betrayal Who do you trust No matter what is going on they hold to their faith Lift their prayers...

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    Where we were left hanging in the fifth volume, the action immediately picks up in this sixth volume There was hardly a moment to take a breath I was sucked in by the story and transformed back in time and trying...

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    It appears that the good guys are all barricaded at Lazarus Top Church The Apaches have all gone back to their own territory, at peace with the settlers, preachers and widows because of an act of mercy The real enemy shows their evil hand Sheriff Westcott has a partner leader in The Bishop of Tucumcari who leads The ...

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    The battle with the Indians is over for now, but a new problem emmerses People are not who you thought they were and now the Preachers have a bigger problemand then there are the Five Hundred to wait forand see if you live through that Oh, for the next volumealways suspense

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