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[[ Ebook ]] ➢ China's Trapped Transition: The Limits of Developmental Autocracy Author Minxin Pei –

China's Trapped Transition: The Limits of Developmental AutocracyThe Rise Of China As A Great Power Is One Of The Most Important Developments In The Twenty First Century But Despite Dramatic Economic Progress, China S Prospects Remain Uncertain In A Book Sure To Provoke Debate, Minxin Pei Examines The Sustainability Of The Chinese Communist Party S Reform Strategy Pursuing Pro Market Economic Policies Under One Party Rule Pei Casts Doubt On Three Central Explanations For Why China S Strategy Works Sustained Economic Development Will Lead To Political Liberalization And Democratization Gradualist Economic Transition Is A Strategy Superior To The Shock Therapy Prescribed For The Former Soviet Union And A Neo Authoritarian Developmental State Is Essential To Economic Take Off Pei Argues That Because The Communist Party Must Retain Significant Economic Control To Ensure Its Political Survival, Gradualism Will Ultimately Fail The Lack Of Democratic Reforms In China Has Led To Pervasive Corruption And A Breakdown In Political Accountability What Has Emerged Is A Decentralized Predatory State In Which Local Party Bosses Have Effectively Privatized The State S Authority Collusive Corruption Is Widespread And Governance Is Deteriorating Instead Of Evolving Toward A Full Market Economy, China Is Trapped In Partial Economic And Political Reforms Combining Powerful Insights With Empirical Research, China S Trapped Transition Offers A Provocative Assessment Of China S Future As A Great Power

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    A brilliant, but dry academic , book that pulls the curtain back on what is going on within China Instead of focusing on the growth and macroeconomics this focuses on what is going on, financially and politically, behind the scenes The author comes to the conclusion the hype surrounding China is pretty much ludicrousthough they d not use such hyperbolic language The political, economics, and social ...

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    necessary reading for anyone interested in the future of governance and economic reforms in China

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