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➶ Deadly Heat Free ➬ Author Richard Castle –

Deadly HeatPicking Up Where Frozen Heat Left Off, Top NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat Pursues The Elusive Former CIA Station Chief Who Ordered The Execution Of Her Mother Over A Decade Ago For The Hunt, Nikki Teams Once Again With Her Romantic Partner, Pulitzer Prize Winning Investigative Journalist Jameson Rook, And Their Quest For The Old Spy And The Motive Behind The Past Murder Unearths An Alarming Terror Plot Which Is Anything But Ancient History It Is Lethal It Is Now And It Has Already Entered Its Countdown Phase.Complicating Heat S Mission To Bring The Rogue Spy To Justice And Thwart The Looming Terror Event, A Serial Killer Begins Menacing The Twentieth Precinct And Her Homicide Squad Is Under Pressure To Stop Him, And Soon The Frightening Murderer, Known For His Chilling Stealth, Not Only Has Singled Out Nikki As The Exclusive Recipient Of His Taunting Messages, He Then Boldly Names His Next Victim Detective Heat.

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    A 80% Very Good Notes Wherein light bulb moments have oral switches, like Password clues, flashing out shadows for targeted retrospection.

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    YESSSSSSS new Castle s novel I m one of those HUGE Caskett shippers Yep, I am So, like it s not enough to have a series that you love, but they also have books inspired in the series that are from a genre that I simply loveeeeeeeSo, Rook and Nikki are pretty much like Castle and Becks.ownnnnn sigh Here we continue the saga and the mystery that was left from the previous book yep, those books must be read in order and there so many mystery in those book and the beauty how they are all solved pretty much like the series.I must say that I m one of those people that enjoy a little drama, so I was hoping for in the jealous front from Nikki but the whole theme wasn t front approached it which from the last page of this book it may be happening on the next book.This book was just great and I don t to spoil from you, we get light steamy romance as always and the interaction between Nikki and Rook are always a mix between fun, sexy and romantic.If you have read the others books here you gonna get the same level of excell...

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    Imam osje aj da je ova bila dulja nod ostalih, ali je fino zaokru ila pri u, vodila dva na izgled nepovezana slu aja koji su odli no uklopljeni na kraju, i, po obi aju puna je aluzija i meta zezancija nije petica samo zato to nije re read materijal

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    Woo hoo it s another fun, easy reading book in the series featuring Pulitzer Prize winning author Jameson Rook and his police detective pal and lover , Nikki Heat Nothing mind bending here, but just an excellent follow up to Frozen Heat, the most recent Although the book can stand alone, those who ve been following the series which in many ways mirrors the popular TV show Castle and often reads like a TV script will wrap up some nasty issues that have been plaguing the dynamic duo from the beginning In this one, the two begin with trying to find the motive behind the murder of an old spy the guy who gave the order for the execution of Nikki s mother than 10 years ago , which in turn leads to a possible terrorist plot that s apparently been on hold for years until now Then, a serial killer makes himself known with a red string of murders His next target None other than Nikki Heat.As in the TV show, Jameson s witty banter is everywhere in the TV show, it comes from Richard Castle, wonderfully played by Nathan Fillion And as usual, there are not so sly references to the show at one point, a group of producers consider developing a show based on Jameson s work and agree that Nathan would be a good choice for the lead.I also noticed what may be a trend in books The mention of other books and or authors within the plot Here, Janet Evanovich perhaps best kno...

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    Just as good as the previous installment, with some good twists and turns, even if I found out who the killer was pretty early on He was kinda of like a Scott Dunn meats 3XK kind of killer Definitely a fun read for fans of the show, as it is cool seeing what they have Richard Castle use from the cases he s worked with Detective Beckett Not to mention seeing all his little fantasies, which really aren t fantasies any since his muse finally hooked up with him at the end of Season 4 Also, I ve noted that the books often had little hints about the upcoming season NAKED HEAT hinted about Esposito and Lanie hooking up in Season 3, and FROZEN HEAT hinted at Paris in Season 5 So I m intrigued to see if that little tradition continues and something from within these pages comes out on the show.On a side note, as a fan of the show, I was a little disappointed that there wasn t just a random character named Eunice In 5x03, Beckett makes a deal with a guy to get his money to help Castle win the auction for the contents of a storage unit Part of the guy s deal was that Castle named a character after his mom in his next book While it was simply a little scene, usually they re very good at including anything mentioned about the books in the show in the actually books they publish Such as in Season 4, Martha interrupted Castle writing a scene about a character getting thrown off the Brooklyn Bridge And that then does in fact happen to a character in FROZEN HEAT So, just disappointed th...

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    It takes so very little for this series to make me happy, Dear Reader, that I should probably be embarrassed I m not, FYI, perhaps due to the ridiculously high quality of these crime novel tie ins to the ABC TV series Castle However, even I must say that this latest installment of the Nikki Heat series is sloppy and disappointing The books have grown larger in scale and page number after Heat Wave the first and best , a development that worked well in Naked Heat Nikki Heat 2 , but not so much in the three installments since The trade off for complex plots appears to be less screen time for the sexy central relationship between Det Nikki Heat and journalist Jameson Rook, to the point of practically no heat at all I m sorry in this latest offering The focus on forensics over foreplay might have been forgivable discreet spoiler, aver...

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    such a fun ride

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    Ich liebe diese Reihe einfach Auch der 5 Band war wieder unglaublich mitrei end und spannend Die sympathischen Charaktere tun ihr briges Freue mich sehr auf Teil 6.

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    This was the best book, yet I spent most of the book thinking one person was the mole Not only was I wrong about who it was, there were two of them It was very clever the way the two cases Nikki Heat was working on were intertwined I look forward to reading the next one.

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    It s true that the Castle books are a great escape a guilty pleasure read, so to speak I m usually not a fan of the fluff side of literature, but after having read some heavy duty books both fiction and non fiction , I felt I needed something a bit lighter The Castle books are just the kind of read that fits the bill They re the kind of read that generally keeps the reader on his her toes with suspense while remaining exciting with entertaining dialogue very similar to the show Deadly Heat is the latest addition to the five book series based on the popular ABC television show Of the five, this was my least favorite Perhaps after having read all of the books and being a fan of the show, the Nikki Heat saga becomes a little trite to read The storyline in this book in particular seems than predictable The main character of Nikki Heat is so often in danger that it seems a natural state for her The dialogue is consistent with the previous books and there are enough reminders about what occurred in the past novels to make the new reader to the series keep up with the pace of what s occurring However, the wildly out of bounds detours and outcomes a...

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