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Skorpio Vaughan Beadles, Professor Of Anthropology At Swanky Creighton University, Is On Top Of The World Married To A Beautiful Woman, Beadles Has Just Taken Possession Of The Largest Uncatalogued Amerindian Collection In The US For Years Beadles Has Investigated The Mysteriously Vanished Azuma, But When One Of His Students Dies From A Scorpion Sting, His World Comes Crashing Down His Wife Abandons Him, And He Finds Himself Charged With Grand Larceny And Manslaughter.His Only Hope For Redemption Is To Prove That The Azuma Were Real And Find The Epicenter Of Their Civilization A Journey That Takes Him To Arizona And A Fateful Encounter With A Monster Literally From His Own Nightmares Mike Baron Writes Like The Bastard Offspring Of James Crumley And Rex Miller, In Prose So Hardboiled You Ll Break A Tooth Jeff Marriote

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    I wanted to give up on this read It wasn t that the writing was bad, because it s not It was the pacing and the main character s motivation that I found to be ineffective in pulling me along.The second half of the book kind of spiraled out of control and lost focus of what needed to happen to mak...

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    A Review of SkorpioBy Mike BaronI read the book Skorpio by Mike Baron, he of comics fame from such characters as Nexus and The Badger.Mike s Skorpio is a different type of story from I am used to from him in that it was a horror tale focusing on a terrible, ghostly creature of vengeance in the American Southwest The book starts off a little slow, but it was still interesting The main character Or hero, though he was almost an anti hero was a professor named Vaughn Beadles Who is framed for a theft at the university he worked for and fired as well as disgraced He loses his family over it, as well as his home, his car basically everything There is a girl named Summer whose story is running parallel to Beadles She is beaten by her drug dealing drug addict boyfriend Who is also a failed MMA fighter.The first 40% of the book is a bit slow, but once you get past that it pops into high gear and a very nicely woven story comes together I ended up reading the final 60% of the book in a day or so, including the final 20% of it ...

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    Usually my reading fare consists of classics The Sun Also Rises, The Grapes of Wrath or delves into historical fiction The Josephine B series by Sandra Gulland, The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty This time I decided to try something entirely new and picked up a copy of Skorpio by author Mike Baron Typically, this is where I talk about what kind of book this is before I discuss why I liked or didn t like it However, where do I start with Skorpio Part Indiana Jones style of an adventure story, part historical fiction, mixed in with some mystery and action for good measure From the moment I started to read it, I was pulled in by not only the story line which features anthropology and native american history mythology, both of which are interests of mine but of the personality of the characters They were well formed and engaging, but even importantly, they were likable with the intended exception of a few I have read many a book that I would have liked better if only I found the characters sympathetic Don t get me wrong these people weren t perfect, or could even be considered role models for that matter They were flawed and they made mistakes, but they were human and their struggles and cares resonated for me from the depth of every page I also enjoyed the world building in Skorpio I could feel the blistering aridness of the desertscape they in...

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    Fast paced, perhaps a bit too face paced When things go South for us it does tend to do so pretty fast, but here, damn, it happens in the blink of an eye The book is short and the action happens quickly, but the characters do not truly have time to develop and grow The backstory is effective as are the opening chapters, nevertheless something goes wrong with the narrative and things are...

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    Got about a third of the way through the book before I decided to put it down The intro prologue was alright, but everything after that was a bit dull Also the piecemeal reveal that the main character is, in fact, a scumbag didn t reall...

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    Not all that engaging I bought this novel from the Baen site which seems to be branching out from it s Sci Fi roots This is one where you can almost read the book by its cover

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