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EPUB ✵ Hot Whispers of an Irishman Author Dorien Kelly –

Hot Whispers of an IrishmanREISSUE Of Hot Whispers Of An Irishman Paperback Form When Irish Artist Vi Kilbride Travels From Her Village Of Ballymuir To Prepare Her Beloved Late Grandmother S Cottage In Duncarraig For Sale, Than Memories Of The Summers She D Spent Growing Up There Await Her Long Ago Love Liam Rafferty Is Back In Town Vi, Who Has Kept Her Heart To Herself Since Having It Broken By Liam, Finds Herself Drawn To Him All Over Again Time Has Spun Back To That Passionate Summer When They D First Loved For Liam, Too But Vi And Liam Are Soon At Odds Liam Has Begun A Search For Rafferty S Gold, A Legendary Treasure Allegedly Hidden By One Of Vi S Ancestors After Her Heart Had Been Broken By A Faithless Rafferty Liam, With His High Tech Search Equipment, Might Think The Ancient Gold Is His To Do With As He Pleases But Vi, With Only Her Often Stubborn Second Sight And Her Grandmother S Journals To Guide Her, Knows The Gold Belongs In A Museum Will These Two Passionate Treasure Seekers Find A Legendary Love To Go With The Gold, Or Is Their Past Too Strong To Conquer

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    This was a stinker of a book 371 pages worth of mostly tedium.This was the fifth or so time I tried this book and I am sorry I never left it as a DNF Romance is a genera I do not read that much of, when I do I want it to be good This was bad Sorry to whoever gave it too me so long ago I do not even remember who, but at least I finished it All 371 dreary pages of it As this book was recommend to me based partly on the process of a marine salvage and an artist, I was pretty annoyed that there was practically nothing of either in the entire book The title Hot whispers of an Irishman The only HOT to be found here is in the title The main Irishman, Liam, does not whisper anything but moaning and complaining whinging and whining continually about how his partner cheated him, he doesn t get along with his daughter, he hates his family, he hates Duncarraig whine whine whine In whose universe is this Hot The other thing he whines about is the buried treasure he is looking for, buried on leading lady, Vi s, land He does not plan to give her any of this treasure when he finds it He self justifies this through some old family myth that an...

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    Book 3Of course I enjoyed this book too I wish for maybe 2 chapters One the wedding and one their happy ending with children and success for Liam and Vi s art I also hope there s stories to tell.

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    Kitty s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 StarsOnly 3.99 for Kindle as of date of this review, 3 17 13 In the final book of the Ballymuir Trilogy, Dorien Kelly brings us full circle in the cycle of life We see a side to Vi that was hinted at but not fully brought to light in the other two books She s always been a fun loving, free spirited person but melancholy at times She s a nurturer, a peace keeper, she s fiercely protective of those she loves and a kind and loving friend We find out what she is hiding and we watch her transform herself with the help of her family and the love of a good man.Vi has lost the sight It just went away and she feels like she s lost her best friend Finances are making her clean and sell her nam s home Of course, her mam refuses to help the twins so it is falling to her, again What she discovers during this time has left her feeling lost, confused, angry and bereft Then there is Liam The lost love of her youth The only man she ever gave her heart to only to have it broken She won t deny the attraction and she cannot deny her body of what it craves She ll keep her heart out of it and enjoy the time that she has with him Well, until he decides that Rafferty s Gold is buried on her land and he is going to find it and claim it for his own, no matter the consequences.Liam has returned to Ireland with his daughter, Meghan He has no intentions of staying A six mont...

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    Unfortunately I did not like this book as much as the other two in this series This is the romance genre so all three books have a HEA, but as in real life not everything was solved in the first two Here, all problems are miraculously solved.Another problem were the protagonists Vi was deeply hurt by Liam in the past and vice versa we are told , but they jump into each other s bed straight away, wit...

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    Mystery, adventure and love What a whimsical story I was so looking forward to Vi Kilbride s story She has been my favorite character in the previous two books Vi faces her demons and her past, with stubbornness and strong character She has such a dynamic personality Dorien Kelly spun such a perfect tale.The ...

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    This book had a different title when I read it The Brightest Flame in Ballymuir was how I found the third novel in the trilogy Vi Kilbride s tale was my favorite of the three, too It wasn t without flaws, but the story moved well apace The characters seemed to match the story well for my taste Of the three, this is one I might read again In truth, I liked Vi s quirky behavior better in the second book This one seemed to suppress her abi...

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    I think of the three Ballymuir books, this one was my favorite I really enjoyed the two lead characters, Vi and Liam Their spirited banter was highly entertaining You knew immediately that the passion that they had had for each other as teenagers had never burnt out and had only grown in...

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    Read as The Brightest Flame in Ballymuir One side of the story hit very close to home The other, not quite believable, but an entertaining diversion The ending felt a bit rushed and misfocused And yet, a delightful read.

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    This is a really good series I thoroughly enjoyed the writing, the plots and the characters I think each story was wrapped up too quickly, but otherwise I would recommend highly The stories are sweet, the relationships are mature, and the conflicts are honest Very nice.

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