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[Ebook] The Legends Daughter By David Kranes –

The Legends Daughter The Stories In The Legend S Daughter Inhabit Present Day Idaho Where Fires, Streams, And Landscapes Ask Even Demand That Individuals Reconsider And Reorient Their Lives An Award Winning Playwright, David Kranes Infuses This Collection With Swift Dialogue And Complicated Characters, Including A Kayaking Actor, A Rebellious High School Teacher, And A Lipstick Loving Fly Fisherman.A 15 Bytes 2014 Book Award Winner In This Exceptional Collection Of Stories Set Mostly In Idaho In The Deep Backwoods Along River Banks And Lonely County Roads, Kranes Characters Are All Thrown Out Of Their Comfort Zones And So Is The Reader Richly Drawn And Complex, These Stories Challenge The Intellect Kranes Has Managed To Somehow Dam The River Of Souls These Stories Possess They Do Not Lie Still, However, Between The Covers But Rather Spin In Far Reaching Whirlpools Of Genuine Humanity And Mortality 15 Bytes There S Something To Be Said About A Writer Whose Style Is Easily Recognized, Whose Voice Stands Out, Whose Stories Are Readily Identified What S Remarkable About David Kranes S Writing And These Stories, Though, Is That Each Story Stands Out On Its Own Merit, While Every Story Is Well Crafted And Conceived Nothing One Dimensional About His People, Nothing One Dimensional About His Prose, EitherForeWord Reviews From Rainbow Trout Jumping In The Salmon River To Watering Holes On The Edge Of McCall Lake, Each Of The Ten Stories In Author And Playwright David Kranes S The Legend S Daughter Transports The Reader To The Wilderness Of Eastern Idaho While Kranes Renders A Common Setting In Each Story, The Collection Is Not Simply A Detailed Portrait Of Idaho, But An Examination Of The Lives Of Restless People Seeking To Escape From Their Lives And Find PeaceZYZZYVAThe Legend S Daughter Is A Story Collection Of Real People Struggling With Identity, With Love, With Time, Rooted In The Rugged And Indifferent Beauty Of Idaho Where Each Character Finds His Or Her Mirror In Water, In Stone, In Place David Kranes Shows How Our Tenacious Love Of Life Can Transform Any Situation, Large Or Small, Into Alchemy We Are All Living Inside These Raw And Well Drawn Pages Terry Tempest Williams, Author Of When Women Were Birds These Idaho Stories Are Vintage David Kranes He, Than Any Other Writer, Is The One Whose Work Spurs Me To Reconsider What Fiction Can Do He Uses Language Like A Knife And The Worlds In His Stories Come Off The Page At Me We Haven T Seen This Idaho Before I M Thrilled To Have These Stories, Every One Of Them Provocative, Riveting, And Robust Ron Carlson, Author Of The Signal In These Times Of Disconnection, David Kranes Lassoes Us With The Delicate Tether Of His Multiple Gifts And Brings Us Home A Storyteller And An Elegant Craftsman Mary Sojourner, Author Of 29 David Kranes Has Given Us Ten Stories, Entirely Various, Often Splendid, Sometimes Hilarious Or Heartbreaking William Kittredge, Author Of The Willow Field

[Ebook] The Legends Daughter  By David Kranes –
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • The Legends Daughter
  • David Kranes
  • 20 April 2019
  • 9781937226152

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    Fist to the Mouth Review of The Legend s Daughter Idaho Stories by David KranesOriginally reviewed by Larry Menlove in the Artists of Utah Magazine, 15 Bytes I read one of the stories about halfway through David Kranes new collection, The Legend s Daughter, I became lost in the language the tangents, the circle rounds, the free form understated bombast I started to wonder if I might need whiskey flowing in my veins to understand the narrative, to tap into some muddy logic that I was missing for trying to read the story straight Then, and it was a relief for it was too late and I was in no mood to crack a cap and splash corn bourbon on the rocks the narrator of his own accord admitted to speaking in tongues So I was off the hook, at least for that reading I picked up the book the next day, started over with the difficult glossolalia story, and I understood Fully Yet I d had no conversion in the night No visitation No holy rolling and Angel of Death mushroom touch on the floor of the First Church of Idaho You ask What is the First Church of Idaho I say In the beginning and mention my mother s hand, my ankles, my father s corrupting restlessness I say I enter any building under a cross I remember tell me every time I use the word intersection And at intersection is where many of the characters in Kranes fine stories find themselves Consider two men from the East, thigh deep, umbilically joined in the...

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    Author and playwright David Kranes has than a passing interest in magic, and after reading his short story collection The Legend s Daughter, it is not hard to see the influence that prestidigitation has had on his writing.While magicians practice the art of illusion in order to fool or mislead their audiences, Kranes instead uses the art of misdirection to surprise his readers, consistently defying their expectations as to what will happen in his stories Instead of performing tricks, Kranes prose works to get to fundamental human truths about love, family, loss, sorrow and redemption.Set in the rugged towns of Idaho s Sawtooth range and on the banks of its rivers of no return, the stories in The Legend s Daughter are grounded in place and time, and acknowledge the universal truth that you cannot separate people from place Both are carefully rendered in Kranes fiction, and his accomplished career as a playwright shows through in his stories of damaged, quirky, and ultimately interesting and realistic characters.His offbeat humor shows through in the book s surprising opening story Where I Am Where I ve Been when a fishing trip turns into something bizarre and incomprehens...

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    I really wanted to like this but found the stories somewhat tedious and I felt very conscious of the male each story seemed saturated with a weird and ever present maleness that was completely unrelatable and the...

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    Read my full review have read the better chunk of the offerings of the publisher who produces this book While I found the writing to be impeccable, this book didn t have the warmth or invitation of the previous works I didn t feel as invited into this book nor did I have t...

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    I found it a little difficult to get through some of the stories The stories are very multi dimensional and I think a few were a little beyond my scope of comprehension.

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