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[[ BOOKS ]] ✫ The Lost Unicorn Author Michelle Snyder –

The Lost Unicorn An Original Fairy Tale About Shyla Of Tomeshire, Who, With Her Faithful Protector Alastar, Is In Search Of The Isle Of Mist And The Lost Kingdom While On Their Quest They Encounter Talking Fish, Fairies, Evil Wizards, Oracle Witches, Powerful Knights, And Of Course The Handsome Prince.

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    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook.Disclosure I was offered my copy of this book by the author as a review copy.A princess, a protector, knights in shining armor, and a unicorn all the components to make a good fairy tale come to life.The princess wants to find the lost kingdom, accompanied by her protector This story is as much about making good choices for oneself as it about the results of making your own choices It is also about the consequences of those decisions The last chapter seemed a bit too long to me I look for the fairy tale to end with a flourish when the prince and princess get married This one does not, the author chose to continue for a couple of pages.The descriptions in this story actually made the story come alive for me I could see in my imagination exactly what the author des...

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