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[ KINDLE ] ❅ Meeting Kate Author pieter becker –

Meeting Kate Imagine Meeting A Killer Who Is Extremely Cold And Ruthless, Without Empathy, Compassion, Or Any Inner Feelings What Would You Do When Such A Person Suddenly Crosses Your Path Meet Nick He Is That Ruthless Killer He Kills And Tortures Not Just For The Money No He Does It For His Own Satisfaction, Too He Loves Being Stone Hard, And He Loves Leaving Behind A Trail Of Despair, Destruction And Death.He Thought He Had Done It All, And He Believed He Had Used Every Trick In The Book To Make His Victims Suffer He Was Wrong, As His Latest Target Provides Him A Completely Different Level Of Satisfaction, Something So Good He Had Never Experienced Before.The Story In This Novelette Redefines Violence, In A Way You Have Never Experienced If You Love To Read About Violence, You Have To Meet Nick.Warning This Book Contains Graphic Scenes Of Violence, Sex, Foul Language And Is For Adultsonly NOT For Sensitive Readers You Are Warned

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