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☉ The Submission PDF / Epub ❤ Author Amy Waldman –

The SubmissionA Due Anni Di Distanza Dall 11 Settembre 2001, Gli Effetti Dell Attentato Ancora Incombono Sulla Vita Di Tanti Americani, Impegnati A Tentare Di Immaginare Un Futuro Di Guarigione E Ritrovata Serenit Questo Sforzo, Individuale E Collettivo Insieme, Ha Bisogno Di Un Simbolo, Di Un Faro, Di Qualcosa Che Renda Tangibile Ci Che Solo Le Parole E A Volte Neppure Quelle Riescono A Evocare Il Monumento Che Dovr Assolvere Il Compito Sar Un Luogo Di Pace, Un Documento Storico, Una Nuova Partenza.Viene Cos Indetto Un Concorso Anonimo E Aperto A Tutti Per Scegliere Il Progetto Che Meglio Rappresenter Questa Voglia Di Memoria E Rinascita Ma Per Quello Che Sembra In Tutto E Per Tutto Uno Scherzo Del Destino, Il Progetto Prescelto Il Giardino Risulta Essere Opera Di Un Bravissimo Architetto, Referenziato E Stimato E Musulmano.Per Un Attimo Sembra Che Quel Nome, Mohammad Khan, Arrivato In Modo Cos Inatteso Al Tavolo Della Giuria, Sia Una Sorta Di D J Vu Una Nuova Esplosione, Un Altro Attacco Kamikaze, Quasi Un Nuovo Attentato Alla Societ Americana Le Reazioni Dell Opinione Pubblica Alla Notizia Sono Prevedibilmente Di Shock E Incredulit L Architetto Vincitore Si Vedr Costretto A Ripensare Il Suo Modo Di Essere Americano E Musulmano, Di Essere Figlio E Compagno, E Finir Con L Abbandonare La Battaglia Per Rivendicare Quegli Stessi Diritti Che Gli Hanno Permesso Di Diventare Ci Che , Un Onesto E Produttivo Cittadino Americano Proprio Come Negli Effetti Di Una Catastrofe, Il Romanzo Squarcia Il Velo Di Un Umanit Complessa, Fatta Di Vite Intense Eppure Solitarie, Semplici E Nascoste, Di Grandi Successi E Insuccessi, Di Riscatti E Ambizioni, Un Umanit Che Non Smette Mai Di Interrogarsi Sulla Natura Del Bene E Del Male, Sul Valore Della Giustizia E Della Tolleranza, E Soprattutto Sul Valore Della Memoria Individuale E Collettiva.

☉ The Submission PDF / Epub ❤ Author Amy Waldman –
  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • The Submission
  • Amy Waldman
  • Italian
  • 02 January 2018
  • 9788806197575

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  1. says:

    A nation s tragedy brings out the best and the worst in its citizens Amy Waldman places her story at the center of America s tragedy, two years after the devastation A contest for a 9 11 memorial where the World Trade Center once stood brings to a boil all the simmering hurt and mistrust and fear about the future What is it that causes this firestorm of media distortion and political posturing What revelation leads to threats and accusations and even violence Just a name The name of the contest winner Mo is as American as can be He s an architect, born and raised in Virginia His immigrant parents proudly gave him the name of a beloved prophet Never would they have imagined that a few decades later that name would become like poison to many Americans Mo is Mohammad Khan A Muslim name Suddenly his design, The Garden, becomes suspect, and the selection committee backpedals on its decision This story felt so real that it sometimes made my heart ache for my country, my world, my species How easily we let ourselves b...

  2. says:

    The premise is so intriguing What would happen if a nation wide contest to design the 9 11 Memorial was held and the blind judging panel picked a Muslim winner SPOILERS AHOY AHOYAmy Waldman s story unravels realistically The media churns out drivel and instigates controversy The panel collapse into themselves with over thinking and uber PC dialogue The winner broods and employs lawyers to get a fair shake at the prestige of honoring those that were killed The racists rally The liberals worry It s a very complicated affair.So, you d think the book would be interesting to me, right I wonder if I would have thought differently had I skipped the author s biography she s a well seasoned reporter , but for me the writing was as flat as a newscast The characters were mostly stereotypes We maintained a comfortable surface level with them her brow was furrowed like rain on glass he stewed in his kitchen in a red robe That sort of thing And I just wanted to get into the brains of some of the key characters and talk about the complex feelings they experienced instead of what shoes they chose to wear.I should disclose here that I was in the minority of our book group Most of us liked it Praised it Got behind the characters and seriously connected to one side or other of the causes.I did not I felt like the POV should have focus...

  3. says:

    This novel came in for me during the weekend of 9 11 Being the 10th anniversary of the attack, I looked forward to reading it over the weekend I was very disappointed.It begins two years after the September 11th attacks, and a jury has been assembled to select a WTC memorial from thousands of submissions that are anonymous After much discussion, The Garden is selected When the sealed envelope is opened the architect is revealed, a Muslim named Mohammad Khan Mo as his friends call him is an American, born and raised in Virginia, the son of immigrants from India The book contains a cast of characters including family members of 9 11 victims, including a firefighter that died, the widow, Claire Burwell that is on the jury and fights for the selection of The Garden , an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh who has lost her husband in the attack, assorted politician, artists, activists and one particularly vile journalist.The author tries to portray the anguish of the survivors along with the ever increasing paranoia and hatred of all things Muslim Unfortunately, she falls short in these goals.The problem is that all of her characters are flat, one dimensional and underdeveloped I found myself not caring for any of the characters and could not get inside of their skin to develop any empathy The only character I found having a strong emotional reaction to was the journalist that worked for one of the NYC tabloids, she was the only one in which ...

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    Set in New York City, 2 years on from the twin towers massacre A competition is held to design a memorial for the victims It is won by an American Moslem One hell of a story line which runs and runs It explores the issues from all sides These include the victims families, the moslem community, politicians and the media It is superbly written and so ...

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    I finished reading this book, The Submission, a couple of days ago but wanted to take some time to think about it If you assign ratings to books based on the emotions it elicits, then this book should definitely be assigned 5 stars The story takes place in Manhattan a couple of years after the terrorist attacks on 9 11 2001 A panel is charged with choosing a memorial from the plans which had been submitted.This process was a blind process no names or backgrounds were given to the jury beforehand The memorial which was chosen was that of a beautiful garden All hell breaks loose when it is discovered that the architect who designed the memorial garden is a Muslim American.If you have any knowledge of American History or even of human nature, I don t need to recap the rest of this story things unfold just as you probably imagine they would This book, beautifully constructed by Amy Waldman, evoked very strong emotions in me anger, sadness, frustration, compassion and dispiritedness but mostly anger This story epitomized a couple of things to me when terrible events tragedies occur, we can use them as a tool for learning to increase our acceptance and even tolerance of other human...

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    Although I was once a New Yorker and had family members on the scene of 9 11 in NY and DC all thankfully safe , I am not a 9 11 obsessive or fanatic Both My Former Hometowns Were Terrorized and I All I Got Was Two Wars, the Patriot Act and This Lousy T Shirt Like a low key take on Bonfire of the Vanities, heavy on compassion and easy on the sarcasm, Waldman s wonderful what if tale what if a Muslim won the 9 11 Memorial competition successfully explicates a kaleidiscope of viewpoints try saying that fast three times the upper crust WASP widow of a humanistic Cantor Fitzgerald like financial trader the lowlife brother of a dead firefighter who straightens up and becomes a Muslim baiting, Archie Bunker like spokesman the bloviating governor the inscrutable, assimilated architect Mohammed Mo Khan, in his heart about as Muslim as I am and my favorite character, the wounded but also wounding tabloid reporter, a fading blonde whose interview questions are like waterboarding for her even fragile subjects I picked up the book because I heard it was an accurate description ...

  7. says:

    Blurbiosity overkillNow if I had picked this one up in a bookstore it would never have carried me to the checkout For why For because when you look into the first few pages of a book these days, fair enough, you do expect to see not the publication details, dedication, epigraph and opening page, but first to be forced to hack your way through the choking jungle of gush, you know the style exciting, extraordinary, exhilarating, exceptional Thought provoking an absolute minimum requirement rather than praise, I d have said Accomplished why, yes, for here it is, in my hands Oh, that doesn t just mean it s finished I did a very quick, and statistically insignificant survey of the books lying within easy reach Alice Munro back cover only None inside Christopher Clark back cover and one page inside Thomas Mann can dispense with such vulgarity entirely I suspect there is a direct correlation between how well established and respected a writer already is and how much blurbiness needs to get rolled out Two pages new writer, we re a little concerned that no one has heard of her Three or four pages we re deeply insecure about this one Five pages indicates a grave case of the jitters and six is, well, positively needy The equivalent of the security blanket and a reassuring suck of the thumb.But this one is right off the scale We ve gone way, way past tense and troubled Before you ev...

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    A Muslim American named Mohammad Mo Khan wins a blind design contest for NYC s WTC memorial That premise alone tells Amy Waldman s debut novel is a work of fiction, but the events that swirl around the submission proves to be an all too true examination of post 9 11 America I found the novel to be quite reminiscent of what has been my favorite best post 9 11 novel to date, Colum McCann s Let the Great World Spin Both novels operate under a similar structure, a large and swirling cast of characters creating a multi perspective patchwork quilt of a story Tonally, they are quite different McCann s novel taking place in 1970s NYC was lyrical and poignant tale of grief and loss that slyly evoked 9 11 whereas Waldman s work is a bold, provocative, and quite raw take of the lingering emotional aftermath of that day great companion pieces that I could easily see being paired up by literature classes.There is so much gray area in this novel Readers are continually challenged to re think what they think they really think. got that Allegiances and empathy for various characters are in constant flux For instance, and especially as someone likely tagged as a liberal elitist, I intellectually and emotionally would not have an issue with a Muslim rightfully winning such a design competition, but could also understand why it may n...

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    This is one of the best novels I ve read in years The book is so well plotted and thoughtful that at times I forgot it was fiction It s set in 2003, when a committee is selecting a design for a 9 11 memorial in New York City The competition was anonymous, and a firestorm erupts when it s learned that the winning designer was a Muslim American The book follows several different people a newspaper reporter, a wealthy 9 11 widow, the chairman of the memorial committee, the Muslim architect, an illegal immigrant who is also a 9 11 widow, and the brother of a firefighter killed in the tower collapse.Most of the families of the 9 11 victims do not want a Muslim designing their memorial Broadcasters and columnists question whether the architect is a terrorist sympathizer The truth is that the architect wanted to create a memorial that would help heal the victims, but few would bother to listen to him.I think I reacted so strongly to the book because of its portrayal of how divided Ameri...

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    I felt this book on a visceral level It sucked me in, lit a rage fire in my belly, drove me up the wall, and broke my heart A panoramic depiction of a series of fictional post 9 11 events, this is an important book for Americans ...

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