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[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☉ Iwakiri Author Ayinon Ahosu Djísoví Agbòví I –

Iwakiri As Its Name Suggests, This Book Is About The Spiritual Quest Of The Afrikan Being It Begins With A Psychological Survey Of The Spiritual And Mental State Of The American Born Afrikan It Is Felt That Before Delving Into An Afrikan Spiritual System That One Must Understand The Historical Details Of Why There Has To Be A Quest, A Sankofa, To Becoming Afrikan AgainIwakiri Takes The Reader Through A Transcontinental Overstanding Of Afrikan Spirituality With Special Emphasis On The Sacred Spiritual Systems Of Fa Ifa, The Abosom Tradition Of The Akan, And The Nkisi Tradition Of The Ba Kongo People Of Angola And Zaire Though Not The First To Illustrate The Commonality Of West Afrikan Spiritual Traditions, Iwakiri Is Unique In That It Takes The Reader Beyond The Conceptual Similarities Into A Realm Of Integrative Afrikan Spiritual Practice Iwakiri Provides One With A Practical Means At Inner Contemplation And Self Reflection Upon The Afrikan Being One Of Its Main Emphasis Is The Esoteric Nature Of The Sacred Afrikan Scriptures And How To Pull That Esotericism Out While Applying Its Power To Our Lives To Bring Us Back To Spiritual And Cutural Wholeness

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