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[Reading] ➸ Oriental Despotism: A Comparative Study of Total Power By Karl A. Wittfogel –

Oriental Despotism: A Comparative Study of Total PowerKarl Wittfogel Jedan Je Od Vode Ih Svjetskih Stru Njaka Za Kinesku Povijest Do 1931 Godine Slovio Je Kao Teoreti Ar Tre E Internacionale Za Pitanja Dalekog Istoka U Ovom Djelu Koje Ve Pripada Klasici Novije Sociolo Ke I Historiografske Literature Karl Wittfogel Istra Uje Osnove Ekstremnih Oblika Despotizma I Razloge Za To Se Takav Despotizam Javio Upravo Na Istoku, A Ne Na Zapadu Da Bi Odgovorio Na To Pitanje Karl Wittfogel Istra Uje Drevna Dru Tva Kine, Egipta, Indije, Perzije, Mezopotamije, Inka I Latinske Amerike U Osnovi Njegove Analize Stoji Pojam Hidrauli Ko Dru Tvo Koje Se Razvija Na Podru Ju Gdje Je Obra Ivanje Zemlje Mogu E Pomo U Izgradnje Irigacionog Sistema To Omogu Uje Kori Tenje I Kontroliranje Vodenih Tokova Analizom Tih Dru Tava I Njihove Uloge U Povijesti, Wittfogel Je Ukazao Na Izvore, Razmjere I Doma Aje Nekapitalisti Kog Razvoja Velikih Podru Ja Uspore Uju I Ih Sustavno Sa Suvremenim Sistemima Vlasti Knjiga Je Do Sada Nenadma Ena U Pogledu Detaljnog Opisa Funkcioniranja Svih Razina Orijentalne Despocije, Organizacije Svakodnevnog Ivota Podanika, Uloge Religije U Dr Avi, Na Ina Konstituiranja Vladaju E Elite I Oblika Kulture.

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    Marxist GeopoliticsSince this book is long out of print let me start with the abbreviated table of contents Contents PrefaceIntroduction1 The natural setting of hydraulic society 2 Hydraulic economy, a managerial and genuinely political economy 3 A state stronger than society 4 Despotic power, total and not benevolent 5 Total terror, total submission, total loneliness6 The core, the margin, and the submargin of hydraulic societies 7 Patterns of proprietary complexity in hydraulic society 8 Classes in hydraulic society9 The rise and fall of the theory of the Asiatic mode of production 10 Oriental society in transitionNotesBibliographyGeneral indexIndex of authors and worksPolitically Incorrect MarxismThis book could be and indeed has been understood as an attempt to marry a marxist understanding of modes of production with a geopolitical understanding of history It is very sharp, but of course very dated I believe it has been tossed down the memory hole because the reigning left liberal political correctness won t allow any discussions of world politics that might discomfort non westerners And you can only mock certain westerne...

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    Powerful argument, good logical layout Hydraulic economies Those based on huge water projects, either irrigation or flood control require large corvees of labor, generally require autocrats, and morph into monumental constructions and armies Farming tends to be high intensity and productive peasants often have control over their own farming practices, but little else Intensive agriculture allows very high productivity per acre , so high populations The state, originally managed save in conquest situations by the technical elite, demands total subservience Exceptions featuring cooperative, not forced, labor, and hence non totalitarian societies are Venice, Salt Lake City and the Netherlands Most land is rented or allocated by government or by usually palace connected landholders peasant ownership occasionally occurs Hydra...

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    I found this book to be highly entertaining and thought provoking, although it is not the sort of work that ages well Simultaneously an overarching study of world history and an anti Soviet polemic, the book explores Marx s concept of the Asiatic mode of production by comparing the socioeconomic structures of historical Asian and other non Western civilizations Wittfogel finds authoritarian modes of government to be linked to the needs of river valley societies, which require a high degree of centralization in order to carry out large scale irrigation projects A specialist in Chinese history, the author confidently draws from an immense range of literature and positions each civilization within a highly nuanced framework The book as well as the historical argument is mechanically organized to a...

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    A remarkable piece of macro sociological synthesis, which is both profound and very much self consciously of its moment in the 1950s Wittfogel, former Weimar playright and Frankfurt Schooler become virulent anti totalitarian intellectual Cold Warrior, provides a...

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