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[BOOKS] ✴ The Secret ✻ Lovely Whitmore –

The Secret Some Secrets Are Better Left UnrevealedTHE SECRET, Picks Up Right Where Volume One Left Off Well Not Exactly, It S The Six Weeks Between I Never Want To See You Again, You Liar, And, I Do If You Read, IT S ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW, You Are Definitely Going To Enjoy The Sequel.Latrease And Randy S Love Is Put To The Test It Doesn T Help That There S A Third Party In The Mix Deliberately Trying To Sabotage Everything They Have Built Up.THE SECRET, Is A Twisted Delight That Deals With Love, Honesty, Trust, And Forgiveness It Will Have You Up All Night, Longing To See What Happens Next.

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    After reading and reviewing the first book in this series It s All Coming Back to Me Now for the author, Whit gave me a copy of this book to review as well I really enjoyed this short story, which explains the five stars I am giving it There were some spelling errors and some typos that were over looked, but they were few and far between and did not detract from the story whatsoever I was shocked to discover that Latrease had an identical twin sister, who just shows up in the beginning of the book The story was well developed though and it all was wrote so smoothly that it was easily accepted I have read a LOT of books with twins, and I was praying that Whit did not do the whole one twin tricks the other twins love interest into bed thing My prayers were not answered though because that is exactly what happens in this story That being said, even though I was slightly disappointed that the author used such a common storyline, it still worked well in THIS story It made sense and it was one of the greatest conflicts that the couple had to face.Throughout the whole story I was arguing with Latrease rather I was arguing with myself over how I wanted Latrease to behave I found that she jumps to conclusions rather quickly, and nine times out of ten, she d jump to the wrong conclusion Randy the male interest was such a sweet guy and I fell in love with him instantly and wanted it to work out between the two of them I was rooting for them until the very end Well...

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    The author called this book The Secret, which is second in the series Wow, what a perfect title since this book is full of of secrets And a few are some shockers I really enjoyed this well written book and thought the author has enough twists in there to call this a suspenseful contemporary romance I know I was in suspense waiting to see what was in store for us next.After reading the last line in the book, which by the way was ...

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    Loved it This book was great I loved it The follow up to It all coming back to me now This story sizzled.I could not put it down Lovely Whit is an amazing author I don t like spoilers but I will say that you have to read it You will not be disappointed.

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    Rushed and mixed upThis story was everywhere, I stuck it out and finished the story but it was not a comfortable ride It has potential but it needs to be reviewed and rewritten Just as I ve felt about part 1 I feel the same with this onethe story is rushed.

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    I read the first book in the series and was excited to find the sequel Unlike with movies, the great thing about books is the sequels are generally better and this book was no exception Highly recommended to anyone interested in the genre.

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