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!!> Epub ➥ Doom 2099 by Warren Ellis ➤ Author Warren Ellis –

Doom 2099 by Warren Ellis The Year Is 2099 Victor Von Doom, Having Mysteriously Survived From The Heroic Age Of The Early 21st Century, Has Risen Anew In This Technologically Advanced Future Having Retaken His Beloved Latveria From Those Who Ruled It In His Absence, Doom Has Turned His Gaze To America, Once The Home Of His Greatest Foes He Sees Unrest He Sees Disharmony He Knows That The Struggling Nation Needs An Iron Fist To Bring It Back Under Control And He Knows Just The Man For The Job All Hail President Doom Superstar Writer Warren Ellis Maniacal Overhaul Of Dr Doom S Futuristic Series Is Collected In One Volume, Featuring Technological Horror, Dystopian Despots And Sheer Wrongness Than You Can Shake A Gauntlet At COLLECTING Doom 2099 24 39, Material From 2099 The World Of Doom

!!> Epub ➥ Doom 2099 by Warren Ellis  ➤ Author Warren Ellis –
  • Paperback
  • 424 pages
  • Doom 2099 by Warren Ellis
  • Warren Ellis
  • English
  • 07 May 2018
  • 9780785167549

    10 thoughts on “!!> Epub ➥ Doom 2099 by Warren Ellis ➤ Author Warren Ellis –

  1. says:

    In the 1990s, Marvel envisaged a dystopian future where corporations ruled the world, suborning politics and laws in the service of profit and creating an ever unequal society as the environment crumbled They placed it in 2099 which, as we now know, was at least 90 years further forward than they needed for those conditions to apply That world was peppered with radically different versions of their big characters except for Doctor Doom This was the same despotic genius , thrust forward into a world where, comparatively speaking, he was the good guy His first concern has always been the protection of his nation, Latveria here he realises that the best way to protect Latveria from overweening US corporations is to take over the US and reactivate the dormant powers of the Presidency The pacing is shot, and the art is at times deeply nine...

  2. says:

    Rese a de Luis Javier Capote P rez para Zona Negativa logoEn la tercera parte de este particular regreso al futuro, es el momento de hablar sobre uno de los t tulos mejor valorados de la l nea 2099 Despu s de Spider Man y de Ravage, llegaba el turno del villano El Doctor Muerte, veterano enemigo de los Cuatro Fant sticos y n mesis de Reed Richards, ser a el tercer elegido para la gloria futurista Su trayectoria en el otrora futuro oficial de Marvel dejar a para la posteridad una serie que profundizar a como pocas en el mundo en el que se produc an las aventuras del 2099 Los elegidos para la tarea ser an el guionista John Francis Moore que, en aquellos d as, era reconocido por su colaboraci n con Howard Chaykin en la primera serie televisiva de Flash y el dibujante Pat Broderick que volv a a la casa de las ideas, despu s de una larga y fruct fera temporada en DC.Camelot en los tiempos de InternetLa historia comienza cuando en la Latveria del final del S XXI hace su aparici n un individuo que viste como el Doctor Muerte que conocemos La armadura...

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    Doom decides that the only way to proceed is to become President of the United States To run it like Latvia, for the good of all and not just the corporations Things do not go according to plan I have to say that out of the 2099 series that I ve read the Doom...

  4. says:

    Very interesting series, and possibly one of the best of the 2099 books Great 90s artwork, and Ellis is pretty adept to writing the character of Doom, not surprisingly Couldn t help but see some parallels between this and the Secret Wars event from a few years ago.

  5. says:

    This is fun reinterpretation of Doom for the 21st century that that reminded me a lot of the 70s era Super Villain Team Up title It does a great job of giving Doom sufficient depth and complexity that he becomes an engaging and even sympathetic character It s very much of its time In this way it remionds me of Steve Gerber s Defenders or Jim Starlin s Warlock series It s totally engaged in the SF culture of its day, in this case late cyberpunk tanshumanism that now feels a little bit quaint, given 20 years distance Ellis sstyle is also a little bit raw there s usually too much going on and the cuts between the different strands give it a disjointed feeling The captions and dialogue are also of what one might term a comics standard level certainly equal of Starlin or Gerber, but without the poetry of Moore or Gaiman, or the ease of Morrison That s not r...

  6. says:

    One of the best Doom stories ever, but the rushed ending really needed at last 4 5 issues to be good.But of that it is a great saga deserving to be read and reread,.It aged far better than other 90s comics and if yo...

  7. says:

    I have to say, I d never thought much of ol metalhead before, but between this and Brubaker s Books of Doom I have begun to see him as an engaging, intelligent, interesting character and much interesting than most of his usual superhero universe opponents The first part of the book is a bit slow and muddly, probably becau...

  8. says:

    Love some of Doom s quotes Your current President does not consider you his protectorate He doesn t consider you at all Your lives are indentured to corporations, or else treated as diseases to be stamped out The Americ...

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    Recommended mainly for Ellis completists Ellis introduces some of the ideas that he explores fully in later works, but the pacing and prose reveal that he has grown a lot over the years when compared to his later work The art is OK, but suffers from some of the same pro...

  10. says:

    Having read comics for decades and being quite familiar with Dr Doom, I just didn t like the story I couldn t get into it I just felt it was just too far from the character I used to know.

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