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[Ebook] ➧ The Closet of Discarded Dreams By Rudy Ch. Garcia –

The Closet of Discarded DreamsLost In A Paradise Nightmare World Of Abandoned Aspirations And Passions, A Young Chicano Battles Insanity In The Surreal Dimension Where Everyone Endlessly Relives Humankind S Abandoned Dreams Except For Him But Are Vietnam Vet Fraggers, Lenny Bruce, A Midget Godzilla, Vampires, Neanderthals, A Black Leper, Marilyn Monroe, Che And Chrisie The Bruiser Foes Or Allies And When The Rebellious Captive Discovers Special Powers, And His Desire To Escape Contends With Empathy For Dreampeople, Can He Salvage His Identity And Rally Them To Overcome The Closet S Mysterious Secret Before It S Too Late.

[Ebook] ➧ The Closet of Discarded Dreams By Rudy Ch. Garcia –
  • ebook
  • 204 pages
  • The Closet of Discarded Dreams
  • Rudy Ch. Garcia
  • English
  • 13 October 2018
  • 9781615727544

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] ➧ The Closet of Discarded Dreams By Rudy Ch. Garcia –

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    A TOP SHELF review, originally published in the May 8, 2015 edition of The MonitorIn the 1960s and 70s, a certain type of science fiction was in vogue epitomized by the writing of Philip K Dick odd, talky books dripping with philosophy and quirkiness, exploring deep ideas of identity and reality with kludged together pulp tropes.Rudy Ch Garc a has crafted a work that evokes that free wheeling age of sci fi with The Closet of Discarded Dreams. A young Chicano awakens in a strange, impossible landscape a vast, enclosed realm littered with the detritus of human existence, piled high and inhabited by a mind boggling array of people who are added to from time to time when a gargantuan door swings open to throw folks and objects inside.The protagonist discovers that he is in what is called the Closet and that its inhabitants and contents are the sloughed off fantasies and hopes of humans back in The Other Place earth Ignoring the rules that are posted throughout this virtual space, the young man sets off on a journey to learn the real nature of his prison and find a way out This trek is punctuated by long, strange dialogues with odd folk, smacking a little of Cormac McCarthy Finally, with the help of many Dream People, including whimsical versions of Che Guevara, Marilyn Monroe and a host of others, the Chicano manages what no one else has done he escapes.Wh...

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    Originally published at Risingshadow.Rudy Ch Garcia s The Closet of Discarded Dreams was a pleasant surprise for me, because it turned to be unlike anything I ve read recently This novel treads paths not often trodden and that s a good thing, because there are many readers who appreciate originality in their fantasy novels.The Closet of Discarded Dreams can be called an alternate world fantasy novel I found this fantasy novel to be interesting and entertaining, because Rudy Ch Garcia written something different In my opinion the closest match to this novel is probably James Walley s The Forty First Wink, because in both novels the protagonist wakes up and realizes that something s wrong and begins to explore his surroundings, but there are many differences between these novels.It s possible to say that this novel reads almost like an urban fantasy novel, but it is not urban fantasy Because there are quite a few elements in this novel that are often associated with urban fantasy, I think that fans o...

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    Closet of Discarded Dreams Rating 4 5 StarsI enjoyed reading Rudy s book and it left me with a different feeling The hero is an amnesia patient at the beginning but everyone starts that way when you fall into the closet so not as cliched as just the hero New guidelines on physics keep you from even moving You can t just walk around and the rules change depending on the dream area.An odd assortment of people and items are forgotten here in the closet They disappear into pink stuff as dreamers reclaim items that were forgotten or are destroyed beyond the closets ability to heal them Stable describes the closets inhabitants and the inquisitive protagonist wants none of that He needs answers to his questions Why are they here How do they get back This quest gives the hero meaning.I would say the book is age appropriate for 16 to 17 years old It contains sexual references, drinking and drugs.The one downside, it almost needs a glossary of Chicano terms to be und...

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    The Closet of Discarded Dreams is a story that I am glad is out in the world There are a lot of things that I liked about it and equally as many that I did not, but in the end, I am glad to have read it.First, the thing that I felt hurt the book the most was that it was oddly paced The first half of the book is very slow and took me a long time to get through The problem is that as the character is bombarded with the ultimate experience of chaos, so is the reader The character feels restless and hopeless and pointless and I couldn t help but worry that he actually was The third quarter picked up and was wonderful It was a relief for the character and reader for something to finally be happening The ending was unsatisfying to me It followed logically from everything before, and the longer I think about it, the I like it, but I wished that this was a series of novellas instead of one long story a wish that I know is not practical in the c...

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    As Bette Davis might say, better buckle your seatbelt before reading Rudy Garcia s The Closet of Discarded Dreams, because it is going to be a bumpy ride As I read and enjoyed visting Garcia s dream closet a place like no other I have visited in my imagination , I kept wondering how the author was going to mount a revolt in a surreal, dream stasis environment, but he did bravo As an Anglo, some of the Spanish seemed daunting, but I was able to pick it up in context...

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    What a wonderful book Garcia somehow manages to create a dreamy world that actually has real tension and action in it The underlying theme of the importance of curiosity in defining oneself is a good one but it s not really thrown in t...

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    A fascinating, psychedelic journey full of the unexpected It explores identity issues especially that of Mexican Americans and so much It s like a dream of a rabid elephant, and about as unstoppable I ve never read anything quite like it.4.5

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    I didn t like this book, the places where he chose to spanglish. Makes no sense to me, we don t even find out his real name Crazy but I didn t waste my time reading it.

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