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✤ Sixteen Cows Download ➸ Author Lisa Wheeler –

Sixteen CowsCowboy Gene Loves His Eight Cows, And Cowgirl Sue Loves Her Eight Cows, And Both Of Them Like The Fence That Keeps Their Pastures And Cows Apart But Then A Tornado Blows Through And Takes The Fence With It The Cows Are Mixed Up, And Sue And Gene Are In A Muddle Will They Ever Be Able To Figure Out Whose Cows Are Whose An All Singing, All Dancing, Hard Riding, And High Romancing Story Of A Lasso Tossin Cowgirl, A Tough As Jerky Cowboy, And The Two Herds Of Do Si Do Ing, Polka Prancing, High Stepping Heifers That Bring Them Together.

✤ Sixteen Cows Download ➸ Author Lisa Wheeler –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Sixteen Cows
  • Lisa Wheeler
  • English
  • 01 December 2018
  • 9780152026769

    10 thoughts on “✤ Sixteen Cows Download ➸ Author Lisa Wheeler –

  1. says:

    Fun pictures Loved the rhyming story Predictable ending for me Could work in my preschool storytime Might be a few words they don t quite get, but I think they d get the story We ll see what I have in the other book choices.1 16 13 Tried this with the bigger Wed group They didn...

  2. says:

    Great fun to read out loud Especially the names of the cows

  3. says:

    Cute rhyming book Of course Ellie loved it because of the farm animals

  4. says:

    The rhyme scheme was quite darling A little too texty for my storytime groups, but would really work for a bit older crowd.

  5. says:

    In Sixteen Cows, Lisa Wheeler tells the tale of Gene Biddle and Sue Waddle two cowhands who fall in love when a storm blows away the fence separating their ranches The cows on both ranches get mixed together, and after trying unsuccessfully to separate them, the two decide to wed Publisher s Weekly notes that Wheeler s rubbery rhymes and humorous lists of cow names keep the pages turning at a lively clip .com 2004 To create the proper atmosphere for this lighthearted cow wrangling romance, Wheeler sprinkles her verse with phrases and vocabulary associated with the Old West Terms such as plumb clean away , low down cows , hoppin mad , and smack dab help to create the western ambience of the poem This narrative rhyme is an exploration of sound and rhythm The story is a bit predictable, but the rhythm of the poem is so engaging that few will notice The lists of cow names are particularly enjoyable, with fun and silly sounding names like Buttercup , Sissy Nell , Jelly Roll , and Bobbie Lou Children will both enjoy listening to and reading the poem out loud, for its peppy rhythm and tongue twisting quality Now Waddle Ranch was on a hill and sat right next to Biddle.And where each ranch s pasture met, a fence ran down the middle....

  6. says:

    I ve been so looking forward to posting today s review for National Picture Book Month Michigan author Lisa Wheeler s Sixteen Cows Harcourt 2002 is one of my all time favorites Ask anyone who knows me, and they ll tell you I have a soft spot for beautiful bovines and this tale celebrates them better than any story I know Lisa is a master at rhyme, and each page of the story sings like a hoe down at the county fair Curt Cyrus s illustrations capture the big sky of ranc...

  7. says:

    Sixteen Cows is a poem rhythmic story involving cows, a cowboy, a cowgirl, and a twister Each person has cows that they know by name Their farms share the same fence that serves as a barrier for the cows A twister comes through the farms, ripping away the fence The cows intermingled causing ciaos for the people They call their cows home but interrupt each other,...

  8. says:

    Yee haw Saddle up and head on out to the Texas plains Eight cows live on Biddle Ranch, and eight cows liven on Waddle Ranch, and each night their owners call them home with their songs A good, sturdy fence separates the two ranches, but one day a fierce wind from Arkansas blows up and sucks that fence right o...

  9. says:

    Sixteen Cows is a story about two farmers and their cows The only way they can successfully herd their cattle is if they sing to them The silly and fun adventures that these farmers experience is one that is captivation for the reader.I love this book because of the creativeness of the author and the artistic talent of the illustrator The story is so cute and it grabbed my attention the moment I started reading.I definitely want this book in my classroom It has a perfect farm theme and I be...

  10. says:

    Feuding neighbors fall in love after a tornado destroys their common fence, allowing their cows to peacefully coexist Possibly the only children s book wedding you ll ever see with cows as bridesmaids, but that s ...

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