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[Download] ➸ JavaScript and HTML5 Now ➽ Kyle Simpson –

JavaScript and HTML5 Now A Decade Ago, Ajax Took The Web Out Of Childhood, And Now HTML5 And JavaScript Are Moving The Web Into Full Adulthood This Insightful Overview Provides Striking Examples Of How These Technologies Have Teamed Up To Give The Web A Truly Open Platform.Author Kyle Simpson HTML5 Cookbook Shows You How JavaScript Unlocks The Power Of All Of The New Functionality In HTML5, Giving Web Applications The Capabilities Developers Have Wanted For Years These Technologies Now Provide The Raw Tools You Need In The Presentation Layer To Replace Everything You Used To Do With Flash.You Ll Discover How HTML5 Builds Natively Into The Web Platform Things We Find Most Commonly Useful, Such As Audio, Video, And Drawing The Canvas Element Is Changing Graphic Animations, Games, Audio Visualization, Charting, And Video Effects Geolocation Has Spawned Geofencing And Augmented Reality Web Workers Allows Calculations To Be Performed In The Background, Rather Than Compete With The UI Web Sockets Is Enabling Realtime Communication For Chat, Live Tech Support, Multi User Collaboration, And Gaming Mobile Device APIs Will Give Web Apps Direct Access The Phone S Camera, Vibration, And Other Capabilities

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    This is not to be taken as a reference for learning the syntax of code, but rather just a running article in book form about JavaScript and HTML5 and what they have brought It is rather interesting.

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    JavaScript and HTML5, the dynamic duo of the web design development industry, are a long lived, web applications set For over a decade, HTML and CSS controlled the browser s display of the content while JavaScript provided for the user to interact with the displayed content in meaningful, useful ways In JavaScript and HTML5 Now, Mr Simpson looks at this marriage of look, feel, and interactivity as it started out, stands now, and what lies ahead for these workhorses of the web.With the longevity of Hyper Text Markup Language HTML and JavaScript, other methods of stretching the web to encompass interactive content were inevitable Ajax was one programming paradigm that made a significant improvement in the growth of web interactivity While Ajax did provide a means to see improvement in content interaction, it still was insufficient to meet the avalanche of demand for control with better interaction Flash was the next step forward as the big player in the interaction field, as the Web made the way f...

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    I thought I was going to read HTML5 Javascript tutorial book, but I found something surprising Javascript and HTML5 Now shows us the improvements HTML5 brought to the internet browsing, making it open and diverse.The book starts with how the internet was before HTML5 came, and how it was too dependant on Ajax Flash both are made by for profit companies, to reach the level of power we knew at the time Then it explains the additions the new technology offered.HTML5 FriendsThe book refers to the set of additions to HTML to work together to create powerful open web as HTML5 Friends H5F The ability to control the look and the feel of the page, to add sound and videos directly to a web page, tags to ease search engine work, location setting which the user can turn on off and JavaScript API to control all of that This system is made to allow any improvement in the future.While it s a free and short ebook, the only reason I recommend reading it if you prefer reading ebook formats over a Wikipedia page, the book offers the same information you can find anywhere The book was released in 2012 so you could say the information is outdated too But the book isn t bad if you look at it from another point of view, I didn t know half of the information in the book because it didn t come across my mind to search for them I wanted HTML5 tutorial book when I downloaded this And being formatted ebook makes the information easie...

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    This was not at all what I thought it would be about But then again, I m not sure what I was expecting out of it.This book starts off by describing the history behind JavaScript I actually learned quite a bit about this that I didn t really ever know It s not until the last third of the book that this reader learned about what HTML5 and JavaScript can do for a web designer, but even then, it...

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    This book would help exactlyNobody.No, I am serious this is just a useless book about what is JS and HTML5 While it does indeed give some examples They are not that useful it s just random examples how cool things are now, compared to 50 thousand years B.C or something.There is not...

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    Good overview of HTML 5short but sweet this concise book wets your appetite for HTML possibilities if you re wondering what all the hype is about take a quick look at this HTML 5 overview.

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    Another Wikipedia extractThe only thing that makes it not a Wikipedia articles is that the author has interspersed the text with his own opinions If you re looking for a quick start or the briefest how to stay away.

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    This was a very brief introduction to a very complex topic I was hoping for something instructional, but the overview of the background behind the languages was a good look at the topic and left me wanting to know .

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    Very good for having a basic idea of the relatedness of javascript and html5.

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