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[ Read ] ➱ The Diviners Author Libba Bray –

The DivinersDo You Believe There Are Ghosts And Demons And Diviners Among Us Evie O Neill Has Been Exiled From Her Boring Old Hometown And Shipped Off To The Bustling Streets Of New York City And She Is Pos I Tute Ly Ecstatic It S 1926, And New York Is Filled With Speakeasies, Ziegfeld Girls, And Rakish Pickpockets The Only Catch Is That She Has To Live With Her Uncle Will And His Unhealthy Obsession With The Occult.Evie Worries He Ll Discover Her Darkest Secret A Supernatural Power That Has Only Brought Her Trouble So Far But When The Police Find A Murdered Girl Branded With A Cryptic Symbol And Will Is Called To The Scene, Evie Realizes Her Gift Could Help Catch A Serial Killer.As Evie Jumps Headlong Into A Dance With A Murderer, Other Stories Unfurled In The City That Never Sleeps A Young Man Named Memphis Is Caught Between Two Worlds A Chorus Girl Named Theta Is Running From Her Past A Student Named Jericho Hides A Shocking Secret And Unknown To All, Something Dark And Evil Has Awakened.Printz Award Winning And New York Times Bestselling Author Libba Bray Opens A Brand New Historical Series With The Diviners, Where The Glittering Surface Of The Roaring Twenties Hides A Mystical Horror Creeping Across The Country.

[ Read ] ➱ The Diviners Author Libba Bray –
  • ebook
  • 583 pages
  • The Diviners
  • Libba Bray
  • English
  • 12 August 2018
  • 9780316214643

    10 thoughts on “[ Read ] ➱ The Diviners Author Libba Bray –

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    This book makes me feel so nostalgic for life in the 1920s New York which is weird because I wasn t even alive for that decade why do I miss it Seriously Is it just me or do other people get homesick from books You miss the comforting feeling of the characters and the world created by the author and wish to stay long after you turn the last page The impossible wonder of an era I was never a part of still snags at me and I can t wait to read the rest of the series So, what s this book It s 1926 and when 17 year old Evie O Neill is unceremoniously banished to live in New York with her eccentric bachelor Uncle Will the curator of a museum of the occult Evie feels the first fragile unfurling of something she thinks might be freedom Evie, full and heavy and burdened with a fearsome urgency to live, decides that no rift in the earth will open between her and the greatest adventure of her life But things seldom go as one might expect, and when a killer passes in secret through the streets of Manhattan and leaves no trace of themselv...

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    There is love Oh, there is so much love that I am having for this book and Ms Bray right now Even taking the length into account, this novel took me longer than usual to read because I had to read everything than once and swoon for a little bit before I could move on I am thrilled to hear that there will be a sequel.If I were to write a novel, I wouldn t want to hear claims like this is the next Hunger Games or Twilight or Harry Potter but I think one of the greatest compliments must be this is like nothing I ve ever read before and it s awesome Yeah, if I was to write a book, I would want to create something as beautiful, clever, magical and unique as this I cannot guess how current Libba Bray fans will respond to this story which is a million miles away from A Great and Terrible Beauty and Beauty Queens and though I haven t read it I d bet money that it s nothing like Going Bovine either There are so many different elements brought into this story, but they are all well balanced and manage to complement each other, rather than being sc...

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    THIS WAS SO DAMN GOOD Listening on audiobook was such a great experience I loved the writing and the story, oh so chilling GIMME MORE

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    This was pos i tute ly the perfect spooky Halloween read Supernatural powers Murder 1920s New York A creepy song that will haunt me for the rest of my life I can keep going.There were times when I was genuinely scared usually when I was reading right before bed Let s just say I ll never be able to use the word naughty ever again without giving myself nightmares.This book also had a huge cast of characters that we are just getting to know and I love each and every one I know most people hated Evie in the beginning, but for some reason unlikable party girls are one of my favorite types of characters Throw in that she was a thoroughly modern flapper, and I was sold Memphis and Theta were my two favorites, though, despite not getting nearly enough time with either I trust this will change in the next books I mean, it better or else I will be writing my own fanfiction.I only have a few cons the length and the amount of 1920s lingo thrown in Though I usually am down to read a long book, that s if the pacing is quick enough to make me never want to stop reading That was not the case The pacing was slow pretty much all the way through except for the few scenes with the villain This did help give us a in depth view of each character, but it also made it easy to put down the book and pick up a new one only 100 pages from the end.As for the lingo, I thought it was the cat s pajamas at first You know I m adding a...

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    9 25 15 Finished re reading this and it was even better the second time Now I am finally reading the sequel and I m very excited D Original Review 10 10 12 OH GOD OH MAN OH GOD OH MAN.So yeah, basically this book left me like this I ve been a die hard Libba Bray fan ever since the fabulous Gemma Doyle books I also loved the insane, bizarre adventure of Going Bovine And Beauty Queens was hilarious although I thought it was a bit lacking in the usual strong storytelling element that Bray s other books have However, that element is back again in The Diviners.I just about died of happiness when I first heard of this book I adore Libba Bray, and I adore the 20 s era and sadly, there aren t a lot of YA books about it The combination sounded just awesome.And oh lord, it was Just imagine the 20 s the roaring 20 s, with the speakeasies and the flappers and all that wonderfulness Now imagine it with scary ass demons and ghosts and murders and psychics and everything mixed in It s like all my favorite things in one book.Okay okay, so a slightly in depth look at all the things I love about this book.The plot I think I ve already made this pretty clear, but obviously I loved the plot I love the mystery of it, the suspense, the horror Libba Bray masterfully blends the...

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    I don t know how else to describe The Diviners except to say it s pretty clear when reading this that Libba Bray set out to write a quintessentially American novel, and good and bad she s succeeded She may insist no historians were harmed in the writing of her book, but I just don t see how she s mastered such command of American history, not just through the facts, but through the way she captures the American experience, that she didn t torture it out of someone But just like America, this is a book full of contradictions, it has some of the most complex, evocative writing I ve ever seen for historical fiction, yet at the same time relies on some oversimplistic, almost stereotypical characters I m seriously conflicted.There s no nice way to phrase this, so I m just gonna come right out and say it I m sorry, but Evie O Neill is a ditz And that really puzzles me, why, despite the strength of her writing, Bray has to try so hard to fit everything into some 1920s stereotype Maybe it s just me, but after reading the superb writing that really showcases how much Bray gets the Roaring Twenties, I want to see some smart characters...

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    The time is now They are coming, Isaiah said, drifting back into dreams, his last word barely a whisper Diviners This was exactly my kind of book with talk about the occult, magical realism, and even a little horror that I could handle for once I couldn t help but fall for The Diviners To quote Maggie Stiefvater, good magic is a little horrific, and good horror is always a little magical And Libba Bray brought just that to the table with this chilling and wondrous book.This follows the tale of seventeen year old Evangeline Evie O Neill, who gets send to New York for a few months to stay with her uncle Will after an unfortunate incident involving a louse and a lothario named Harold Brodie An incident she, rightfully, is not willing to apoligze for because that would mean explaining what happened.You see, Evie has special powers she can tell your secrets simply by holding an object dear to you and concentrating on it But the aftereffects of her object reading can leave her feeling woozy and sick In New York, she could reinvent herself She could be somebody This revi...

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    Ms Bray, I have an idea for your next book Yes Well, the researcher who worked on The Poisoner s Handbook Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York left some notes lying in the library, and someone I know swiped em Perfect What should we make it about Hmm, not sure Let s workshop it Okay Target audience Well, you have some cred in Young Adult, and the field is on fire If we make it about a 17 year old and her friends, we can draw in the pre teens and the twenty somethings, no problem Excellent We ll need a romance Women love romance I guess we can do that two guys competing for the same woman situation that was so popular in The Hunger Games If we make it into a series, we can draw out the romantic tension over a couple of books Sounds perfect Plot Well, that Harry Potter book was a huge hit and made a ton of dough Superheros are the rage What if we say the group of friends has special powers I don t know, that sounds like a lot of work Just how special do they have to be We can just make it mysterious and say they are learning about it, so it doesn t have to be anything really thought out I can put one of the interns on it for the second book Cool And the antagonist Stick with that H.P thing and say there s this really, really evil guy trying to come back to life, and they are trying to stop him from bringing about the end of the world That ll probably draw in horror fans too Perfect Draft it out and let me know when you are done Try as I might summe...

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    Cool things and readalongs with live shows are happening this August, September, and October We hope you come get spooky with us, especially with today s cover and title reveal of book four Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch Buddy read with Madalyn, Jane, Chelsea

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    I m obviously late to the party, but I so enjoyed this one The audiobook took the story to an entirely other level for me the narrator was fabulous and did so many voices in a unique way without sounding cheesy or lame Definitely excited to continue on with the series and look forward to...

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