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!!> PDF / Epub ☆ His Cowboy Werewolf Lover ✪ Author Luna Loupe –

His Cowboy Werewolf Lover His Cowboy Werewolf Lover Ebook Author Luna Loupe When Rancher Marshall Finds Cowboy Billy In His Barn Bleeding From A Strange Attack, He Doesn T Know What To Make Of The Man, But They Quickly Become Friends And Than Friends As Their Relationship Heats Up, Billy Finds Himself With A Strange New Condition

    14 thoughts on “!!> PDF / Epub ☆ His Cowboy Werewolf Lover ✪ Author Luna Loupe –

  1. says:

    It has potential in the concept but seven pages is pretty much an excerpt length Really can t get a story with this length I hope this author considers writing a November I d love to read a cowboy who s a werewolf.

  2. says:

    I ll be generous and give it 2 since it was free, but this was not a short story, it was maybe a short first chapter and the dialog felt awkward and the ending was just strange and the sex was meh.

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    Upgrade to 2 for being free

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