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[Reading] ➬ The Book of Faeyore (Frost, #0.5) ➳ Kailin Gow –

The Book of Faeyore (Frost, #0.5) .com Exclusive The Book Of Faeyore Frost 0.5 Meet Breena Malloy From The Frost Series At Age 12 And Her Unexpected And Brief Brush With The Fey Before Her Adventures Began In Bitter Frost.This Is The Prequel Novella Before Bitter Frost, And Takes Place Five Years Before Bitter Frost.

    10 thoughts on “[Reading] ➬ The Book of Faeyore (Frost, #0.5) ➳ Kailin Gow –

  1. says:

    It was cute to see the beginningI m reading the final book of the series right now, it is good

  2. says:

    It was short and sweet A good read I would have wantedback ground But it definitely made me want to read .

  3. says:

    sometimes it feels like the frost series is a huge troll.

  4. says:

    Short and sweet Good start to series.

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