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[Epub] ↠ No Mans Land Author S.T. Underdahl –

No Mans Land With Humor And Honesty, Neuropsychologist S T Underdahl Explores The Timely Topic Of Post Traumatic Stress DisorderIf Life Were A Movie, Dov Howard S Role Would Be Emo Kid Family Loser His Brother Brian Would Star As Master Of The Universe But That S Okay Dov S Got Great Friends And Possibly A New One Named Scarlett Like Everyone Else, Dov Loves His Brother And Is Thrilled When Brian, A National Guard Soldier, Is Sent Home In One Piece Then Things Get Weird Talking To His Jumpy Brother Is Like Juggling Grenades, And Dov Can T Help But Notice Brian S New Best Friends Jack Daniels And The Pistol He Sleeps With What Will It Take For His Family To Wake Up And See The Ugly Truth

[Epub] ↠ No Mans Land  Author S.T. Underdahl –
  • Paperback
  • 274 pages
  • No Mans Land
  • S.T. Underdahl
  • English
  • 13 February 2019
  • 9780738733050

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    Dov is an emo kid with a pretty tough life His big brother Brian is the star of the family, yet he is out in the Middle East fighting in the war His father doesn t care much about him and is gone most of the time since he is a trucker Little did he know, when his brother was returning, his life was about to take a major change Brian was not the same when he returned, and Dov was the only one who wasn t blind enough to notice He is very worried about his brother but he does not want to further stress out his mother It just gets worse though and his brother takes things too far.This is a good story on PTSD It gives people information on what it s like and how important it is to inform people when you know someone is struggling It is ...

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    I have been really into issue books in the past few months, and I have friends who have dealt with loved ones with post traumatic stress, so when I saw this book I really wanted to read it This book was very honest and does not gloss over anything It is a very tell it as it is story about not only dealing with a family member with post traumatic stress, but dealing with your own personally struggles too This was book is full of many issues, including bullying, depression, abuse, and other things It is a book that really makes you think Dov is a high school boy who has always lived in the shadow of his perfect brother He has a few close friends, but his brother was Mr Popular, does no wrong, and loved my everyone Dov loves his brother than anything and when he gets sent over to Afghanistan he goes into a depression He dresses all in black, dyed his hair black, and is very emo He has conversations with his pet gecko which is weird, but it shows that he has his own issues beyond all the other stuff going on He also tries to befriend a new girl at school named Scarlett and I really liked how that goes The thoughts he has when trying to figure her out really help you get to know him When Brian comes back Dov hopes things...

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    See of my reviews Moosubi Reviews Rating Clarification 3.5 5In my perspective, S T Underdahl is great for writing rather different books As a contemporary writer, rather than writing the classic fluffy chick lit, or even romance novels, she writes a lot about family and the relationships between characters, particularly family members I love Underdahl because of this it s just refreshing Likewise, No Mans Land was a different kind of story, featuring the little brother of a seemingly super star ex veteran brother.Personally, I thought No Man s Land was really about the characters stories, as well as the development of their relationships in particular of course, Dov s On one hand, I suppose that Dov is the normal ish type of guy he s not too spectacular, but still relatable enough Still, he s amazing in his own way He s constantly compared to Brian, but somehow he s never jealous He s always strong and supportive of his brother, even when life turns for the worst Throughout the book, his emotions and feelings are well portrayed, and I felt I could ...

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    See the full review at Short Sweet Reviews.Dov Howard is an emo kid living in the shadow of his well respected, practically perfect older brother Brian, who has deployed to Afghanistan Brian was a football player, dating the most beautiful girl in town, pretty much the ideal All American Boy Dov, on the other hand, favors My Chemical Romance and skinny jeans and hiding behind a curtain of dark hair Dov s friends are the misfits and losers of his high school, and he s just fine with that, even if he can t escape feeling like everyone s comparing him to his brother and he somehow has still failed to measure up.The book s depiction of Brian s behavior after he returns from Afghanistan is so realistic that it s kind of scary You feel for him, jumping when a car door slams or insisting that they drive around the block again because he thought he saw something suspicious But you feel less sympathy when his behavior turns destructive, as many people with PTSD may experience Brian s PTSD is severe, and you spend most of the time waiting for the other shoe to drop, for him to completely lose what little control he had left When that shoe does drop, I was holding my breath, waiting to see how bad the fallout would be.The most heartbreaking part of this book is how hard it is for Brian to get help Unfortunately, too many people have this experience, whether it s related to combat trauma or other mental health issues depression, anxiety, etc Everyone wants to sweep i...

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    I have recently finished reading this awesome book, No Man s Land by S.T Underdahl I really enjoy reading books about teenagers because I often look for ways that I can relate to the characters In this case the protagonist is Dov Howard he is a sixteen year old emo kid who basically lives in the shadow of his older brother Brian Brian is outgoing in every aspect and he is also a star athlete and he even goes off into the military to fight for their country Dov is the complete opposite of his brother and attracts less attention After a major mission, Brian is injured and sent back home Upon his return, Dov is the only one who seems to notice at first that his brother has changed and is not the same person he was before he left Despite this being one of the topics in the book, I was also able to get an understanding as to what Dov s other emo friends are going through, his love life, his family at home, and how he d...

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    I was nervous about this book because I have a really hard time reading stories that focus or touch on war and its related activities However, this one was really well done, and the war, while a major factor and influence on the book, did not feel like its main focus See, we follow the story of Dov, a teen whose brother is just coming back from deployment and has a serious case of PTSD The effects are demonstrated really well throughout the novel, and it s very poignant Of course, there s a sort of secondary love story that develops, but even that s done in an interesting and unique way And, I don t know why, but the fact that Dov is an emo kid made the story that much better There are a few parts that are somewhat disturbing, but that s to be expec...

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    An interesting book about PTSD and the struggles our young soldiers and their families endure during and after deployment I loved the chapter set up with facts about the war Not sure if the facts are true or not though because there was no works cited at the end of the book I would like to think they were true What keeps it from scoring higher for me is the inclusion of Scarlett and her and her family problems They are pretty heavy as well and are put out ther...

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    First person, present tense may be the literary tool that most engages the self absorbed teenage set, but it doesn t do much for me This book tackles timeless themes of teenage alienation as well as the very timely theme of PTSD and the hurdles war vets face when trying to reintegrate with their f...

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    This was an excellent read This story was written with great insight It was written from the perspective of Brian s younger brother and shows how war affects the whole family It kept me intrigued from start to finish.

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    Entertaining and satisfyingly complex, dealing with issues like PTSD and sibling rivalry without coming off like a stereotypical YA problem novel More than the sum of its parts.

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