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[Ebook] Legacy (Belonging #2) By Pat Cunningham –

Legacy (Belonging #2) Sequel To Belonging M Nage Amour Erotic Paranormal M Nage A Trois Romance, M M F With M M Elements, Vampires, HEA Colleen Brenner Doesn T Believe In Vampires, Until She S Attacked By One Two Men Come To Her Aid Wallace Hamilton, A Slayer, And His Lover, Jeremy Teach The Pair Take Her Into Their Home And Under Their Protection It Turns Out Vampires Have Targeted Not Only Colleen, But All The Children From The Commune She Grew Up In What Are The Monsters After As The Three Delve Into Colleen S Repressed Memories, She Finds Herself Drawn To Both Of The Men Guarding Her Jeremy Is Human, But Wallace Is A Vampire Himself, And Colleen S Growing Attraction To Him Is Countered By Her Mistrust Of What He Is Then Their Investigation Uncovers A Decades Old Evil Tied To Colleen S Shrouded Past She Herself May Not Be As Human As She S Been Led To Believe Can Their Newfound Love Survive The Truth Of Colleen S Inhuman Legacy, Or Is It And Colleen S Soul Doomed

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    I didnt want this book to end it was fantastic.

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