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[ Read ] ➲ Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements Author Hugh Aldersey-Williams –

Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the ElementsLike The Alphabet, The Calendar, Or The Zodiac, The Periodic Table Of The Chemical Elements Has A Permanent Place In Our Imagination But Aside From The Handful Of Common Ones Iron, Carbon, Copper, Gold , The Elements Themselves Remain Wrapped In Mystery We Do Not Know What Most Of Them Look Like, How They Exist In Nature, How They Got Their Names, Or Of What Use They Are To Us Welcome To A Dazzling Tour Through History And Literature, Science And Art In Periodic Tales, You Ll Meet Iron That Rains From The Heavens And Neon As It Lights Its Way To Vice You Ll Learn How Lead Can Tell Your Future And Why Zinc May One Day Line Your Coffin You Ll Discover What Connects The Bones In Your Body With The White House In Washington, The Glow Of A Streetlight With The Salt On Your Dinner Table.From Ancient Civilizations To Contemporary Couture, From The Oxygen Of Publicity To The Phosphorous In Your Pee, The Elements Are Near And Far And All Around Us Unlocking Their Astonishing Secrets And Colorful Pasts, Periodic Tales Is A Passionate Journey Through Mines And Artists Studios, To Factories And Cathedrals, Into The Woods And To The Sea To Discover The True Stories Of These Fascinating But Mysterious Building Blocks Of The Universe.

[ Read ] ➲ Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements Author Hugh Aldersey-Williams –
  • Paperback
  • 428 pages
  • Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements
  • Hugh Aldersey-Williams
  • English
  • 21 October 2017
  • 9780141041452

    10 thoughts on “[ Read ] ➲ Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements Author Hugh Aldersey-Williams –

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    Updated 6 29 13 see link at bottomThis book is one of the reasons people will occasionally look at you, slack jawed, and say How did you know that There are a few greater feelings in life, but not many A W picks a few dozen of the 118 known elements and tells us a bit about them, offering stories that might be about their discovery, how they are used, or other cultural looks see There is unevenness, to be sure Some stories are interesting than others, but the overall level is quite good, informative and entertaining.But wait, there s For those of us with an affection for literary treasure hunting, it is time to pick up some of the glowing tablets suspended in the air A W offers explanations and reference points for how certain materials are viewed culturally For instance gold goes with power, iron with strength, grave lead, honest tin, virtuous silver, this is feminine, that is masculine, and so on This is mother s milk for those trying to ferret out elements of meaning in literature You will learn about the first use of carbonated water, the derivation of the word tinker, which substance is known as liquid fire , some alarming facts about things that glow in the dark We think of titanium as a material used in jets or rockets, but did you know that titanium oxide is widely used to make white paint Metals come into and pass out of fashion One particular poison was in such widespread use that it became know...

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    The author goes off in too many directions with his story telling for me to want to stick to reading his book I read over a hundred pages and can t seem to find it interesting due to how the author goes about writing it From memories of gathering as many elements of the periodic table during his childhood, to drawn out stories of how a present day person is producing charcoal, to historical tales of elements, and then to the author personally experimenting t...

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    This wasn t quite as engaging to me as the blurb and the reviews quoted on the cover suggests in fact, it started to feel rather meandering but it is quite an interesting read, covering both the scientific history of elements, how and when they were discovered, and the social histories, why they were used and for what Some facts I didn t know o...

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    I will admit that I am starting to get a bit weary of popular science books Do not get me wrong being trained as a chemist and working in science and engineering for many years I find these books fascinating The problem lies in the fact that the subject is so huge they have to give a hook, something personal that will get the reading not only interested but also to connect with the book Now I will admit I have read my fair shore of this type of book only to realise I either have nothing in common with the writer or worse still I actually disagree with them so why would I waste my time and effort in reading their book Sadly it seems that there are than their fair share of these books out there But not with this one Basically you have a scientists who not only knows what he is talking about but also how to present it in an accessible and fun manner he has also had experience on how to create displays and exhibits so he knows how to keep your attention.So what of the book then well you have several layers to this book The first is that of the story of him deciding to create his own collection of elements from periodic table, now some are incr...

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    Man, iesp jams nepamatoti, ir itis, ka popul rzin tnisk s gr matas latviski tiek izdotas daudz par maz Un t d man ir neviltota saj sma ieraugot gr matu veikalu plauktos k du zin tnei velt tu gr matu latviski Ieraugot o gr matu, man uzreiz rad s v lmi to izlas t Pirmk rt t d , ka t bija latvie u valod un otrk rt, vi a man labu laiku st v izlas mo sarakst.Gr matas pamat ir misko elementu periodisk tabula Autors las t jam pav sta zin mu un ne tik zin mo elementu v sturi Savulaik jau cilv ki pazina tikai da us elementus zeltu, dzelzi, alvu, s ru, dz vsudrabu, varu P r jie elementi bija paz stami tikai savienojumu veid mijas pirms kumi noteikti mekl jami al mij , cilv ku centienos jebkuru vielu p rv rst zelt Katra jauna elementa atkl ana rad ja pav rsienu cilv ces att st bas v stur M kslinieki mekl ja veidus, k o novit ti iek aut savos darbos, jaunie elementi k uva par modes simboliem un beigu beig s par sacens bu elementu, lai noteiktu, kura sabiedrisk iek rta ir p r ka komunisms vai kapit lisms Da das ra o anas nozares savuk rt iek va jaunos elementus savos ra ojumos Nekas nedod skaist ku za o kr su par ars nu, un hlors ir t ri labs pamats misko iero u ra o anai.T k da tipa gr matas es jau p ris esmu izlas jis, man gr mata liel ko devumu sniedza m kslas un k...

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    A disappointment I picked this up thinking it might be weirdly informative and entertaining, like Bill Bryson s wonderfully entertaining science history A Short History of Nearly Everything But in the end I found almost all the anecdotes lifeless and pointless Ultimately I gave...

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    Hugh Aldersey Williams s Periodic Tales tells the story of the cultural history of the elements separated in five topics, the subjects of the book which are power, the richness of the element or how valuable it is fire, the changes of compounds when they react with other compounds like water craft, the way people can manipulate the elements beauty, the appearance of an element and how elements color our world, and earth, how an element affected a certain place or how the place affected an element The book is set in from way back earlier than 1600 B.C.E to 2011, when the book was published, at no particular place, but mostly in Europe, where many pure elements were discovered and where several elements were synthesized, because multiple scientists from different countries contributed in the world of science Telling many stories about the elements, including his own, Aldersey Williams researches information about the elements, conducts a few of his own experiments, and presents us many elements histories He speaks about the history of the elements and his past related to the them, interesting stories about elements that we use today like gold, silver, and mercury, which was used in movies for a certain special effect.A very memorable event for me was a short section called Pee is for Phosphorus After telling us a story of how a scientist used fifty liters of urine for an experiment to see if ...

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    Very interesting This book definitely tells a different story about the elements than what I, with a chemistry background, usually got It assigned genders to a lot of the metals and talked about the colors and smells and sounds of the elements and the effect those things had on the way society viewed th...

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    Godibile e interessanteCon questo testo si comprende quanto tutto sia interconnesso materia, luce, energia In particolare, singolare notare quanto gli elementi della tavola periodica, nei loro composti e nelle loro forme pure, abbiano inciso sui modi d essere dell uomo e nel suo linguaggio figurato I vari elementi chimici hanno contribuito a creare una vasta gamma di colori, dai fuochi d artificio ai prodotti di bellezza per il corpo, con le loro caratteristiche di tossicit e pericolosit nel corso della storia Come i vari elementi chimici sono la chiave del progresso per capire il funzionamento dell universo Alla fine, questo testo un gran bel viaggio, anche se occasionalmente l autore un po troppo immodesto nel presumere di avere la chiave per la conoscenza finale della vita scivoloni su aneddoti, leggerezze sulle a...

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