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[PDF / Epub] ✈ The March ☀ E.L. Doctorow –

The MarchAmerikan Sis Llisodan Kuvaus Universaalista Sodan VaikutuksestaDoctorowin Uusin Romaani Sijoittuu Amerikan Sis Llissodan Aikaan Mutta Kertoo Yleisemm Ll Kin Tasolla Sodan Olemuksesta.Vuonna 1864 Kenraali William Sherman Tuhosi Atlantan Tulipalossa Ja L Hti Sitten Marssimaan 60 000 Miehen Vahvuisella Armeijallaan Kohti It , Merelle Matkan Varrella K Ytiin Lukuisia Taisteluita Pohjoisen Liittoumaa Vastaan Joukot Ry Steliv T Etel Ss Karjaa Ja Viljaa, Tuhosivat Taloja Ja Kohtelivat Huonosti Niin Vapautettuja Orjia Kuin Valkoisia Pakolaisia Laajaan Henkil Galleriaan Kuuluvat Mm Vapautettu Orjatytt Pearl, Kirurgi Ja Eversti Sartorius Sek Sotamiehet Arly Ja Will J Ljelle J I Joukko Ihmisi , Jotka Lopulta Olivat Voimiensa Rirajoilla Marssi Vaati Veronsa, Eik Kukaan Ole Entisens.

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    The March, E.L DoctorowThe March is a 2005 historical fiction novel by E L Doctorow It won the PEN Faulkner Award for Fiction 2006 and the National Book Critics Circle Award Fiction 2005 2015 2013 413 9786006846170 21 1864 1865

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    Although it is not an overly lengthy novel, Doctorow paints a very wide palette It may be too wide His cast of characters is broad, including the mandatory historical personalities Most prominent among these is William Tecumsah Sherman Uncle Billy to his troops , of the eponymous March Pearl is a white skinned black, a slave fathered by her master If there is a central character here, I suppose it is her, but not by a large measure Arly is a petty criminal, who along with his partner, is released from prison by a Confederate general in return for his value as a soldier He follows a twisted path to what becomes, for him, a glorious end A photographer, or at least his assistant and his equipment, figure in this tale, as does a family Two sisters in search of different things, one looking for her lost sons, another for a purpose in life E.L Doctorow from The New York TimesThe March is an image of the road, a literary metaphor as well as a physical one While all the characters walk the path blazed by She...

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    Many shifting points of view tell this big story of General William Tecumseh Sherman s famous March to the Sea 1865 which ended the American Civil War in the south Literary compression is the wonder here Full characters are brought forth in half a page It is for the most part a lean and uncluttered style, though with a propensity to swell briefly at times into overwriting Fortunately, these interludes are few, but they lowered the achievement in my estimation to a mere three stars The tragedy to both sides, especially the South, which provides the novel s setting, is most affectingly told There is Pearl, daughter of a white master and slave mother who like Joe Christmas in Faulkner s Light In August has trouble knowing exactly who she is She is drawn to white people because she is white, but feels she is black since she was raised in the plantation slave quarters Will and Arly are young Confederate soldiers who, in the mayhem of the March, put on the uniforms of the Union dead to save themselves Then there is Sherman himself, a brilliant, brooding loner respected by his officers but resented for his bond with the rank and file There is the surgeon Wrede Sartorius the name is almost certainly an homage to William Fa...

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    La gran marcha es una novela coral enmarcada en la fase final de la guerra de secesi n norteamericana No obstante, aun siendo importante, no es esta guerra la protagonista La novela se centra en la cotidianidad de diversos personajes en una situaci n tan fuera de lo cotidiano como es un conflicto b lico y, para m s inri, de guerra civil, sus ref...

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    The march.In E.L Doctorow s capable hands it becomes than a collective activity, than a military composite The march becomes a thing, a great living mass, whose arms and tentacles extend out for miles, though forests and across streams and down city streets Each soldier in the march is a cell in a living organism of seek and destroy, a great sprawling entity of military might and objective, but diverse and chaotic enough to encompass stragglers, hangers on, passengers and parasites.Describing General William Tecumseh Sherman s 1864 march to the sea from burning Atlanta, novelist E L Doctorow illustrates a vision of history that comes alive for the reader Following several characters on the march, including the General himself, the reader is carried along this flowing river of humanity bent on conquest and destruction, but also alive with individual purpose and reason The march as a collective is a heterogeneous amalgam of moving and sometimes contradictory parts, but each distinctive person as a part of the whole has a clear and separate story of its own and Doctorow masterfully brings the mass to vivid life.Sherman was shown to be a destroyer and also a threat of destruction His burning of Atlanta, Savanah, Columbia and much o...

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    Questo inferno, il mio inferno, senza attribuzione E la vita quando non pi capace di tollerarsi La marcia quella che sul finire della guerra di secessione americana, nel novembre 1864, compie il Generale William Tecumseh Sherman alla testa di un esercito di 62.000 giacche blu da Atlanta a Savannah Georgia , per poi proseguire attraverso il Sud e il Nord Carolina, fino alla resa dell esercito sudista.Durante l avanzata nordista tra saccheggi, scontri a fuoco, incendi, distruzioni molti civili che hanno perso tutto, completamente allo sbando, si aggregano in coda alla carovana dell esercito, nel tentativo di sopravvivere in qualche modo alla tragedia che li ha colpiti In questo romanzo la guerra vista soprattutto attraverso i loro occhi, gli occhi di chi la subisce e cerca disperatamente di restare vivo, di non perdere la propria umanit in quell inferno.Tantissimi i personaggi illuminati dall autore e, di volta in volta, portati in primo piano nella narrazione Pearl, negra dalla pelle bianca Arly e Will, disertori e ...

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    This was good, not great.Such has been my feeling about all three of the Doctorow novels I ve read, Billy Bathgate, City of God and The March All of these novels are well structured, technically proficient works, and all contain something that makes them above average.But nothing quite makes them extraordinary.Some credit has to go to Doctorow, however, just for picking Tecumseh Sherman s march as his topic This is a controversial subject, even 140 years later Truthfully, I most enjoyed the parts where Doctorow a writer who proved in City of God that he has a top notch brain tried to lead us inside Sherman s mind.The novel may have been better for me if it had been about marching and obligation and mania than bit players The Pearl character, specifically, just felt like Doctorow was trying too hard to make a somewhat tired social commentary the ending of the book with Pearl being ahead of her time was uncharacteris...

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    Coming to this novel after Ragtime I was disappointed It is a far conventional story that tracks along Sherman s march through Georgia and then up through South Carolina during the American Civil War Hanging about the story are two dastardly brothers, sinister but also comical who de...

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    Totally mesmerizing, hallucinagenic almost Creates that feeling of being unmoored from the shore and swept along a in a current At any moment, someone or something else can float by you as you re carried along by the water against your will, just hoping to keep y...

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