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[Ebook] ➩ Something Borrowed Author Emily Giffin –

Something BorrowedRachel White Sempre Foi O Prot Tipo Da Menina Certinha , Que Fazia O Que Se Esperava Dela E Se Sacrificava Em Prol Dos Outros S Que, Na Manh Ap S A Festa Do Seu Anivers Rio, Rachel Acorda Ao Lado Do Noivo Da Sua Melhor Amiga O Mais Correcto Seria Esquecer O Que Aconteceu E Seguir Em Frente, Mas, Medida Que A Data Do Casamento Se Aproxima, Rachel Descobre Que As Coisas N O S O Assim T O Simples, E Em Breve Ter De Escolher Entre Abrir M O Da Felicidade Ou Da Sua Amizade Mais Antiga Um Romance Que Lan A Um Olhar Pleno De Lucidez E De Sensibilidade Sobre As Nuances Que Existem No Amor, Na Amizade E Na Trai O.

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    I only acknowledge that I read this book so I can say how much I hated it The two main characters are completely unlikable, one for being completely self absorbed and selfish, and the other for being so spineless and whiny So spineless, in fact, that the action of her sleeping with her friend s fianc wasn t even a credible one The further I got into it, the I was disgusted with it I also found it very difficult to believe that at 30, the two characters would continue to be friends Usually by that age, you ve phased out the people from your childhood that no longer work in your life Especially when they are so far removed fro...

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    It wasn t bad as chicklit goes, but I don t know how sympathetic I can be to characters who are betraying their fiancees and best friends Plus, in order to make the cheating something okay, a lot of energy is put into making Darcy really off putting and Rachel really kind of pathetic I liked Hilary and Ethan a...

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    Every time I read a new page from this book, my soul died a little Cheating is not okay It should not be normalized.

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    GR Giveaway.Ok, I tried I am not going to read this tripe any further.From the first 50 ish pages that I did read, this books sounds somewhat like the show Sex and the City Rachel is part Miranada a not so good looking lawyer, and part Charolette miss goody two shoes who wants to find a husband and settle down Darcy is part Samantha, part Carrie, she has good looks and has always managed to make the guy she liked fall for her and is now engaged to a guy she wants to marry And just like the show, these two 30 yr old women can t think or talk about anything beyond dating and men.Both the main characters are annoying Darcy is a shallow self serving bitch and Rachel lacks a backbone They have been best friends since childhood But their friendship doesn t seem credible at all Darcy is self centered and insensitive and has been running all over Rachel forever Rachel has an inferiority complex and is jealous of her so called best friend s charmed them a good life being defined by the number of boyfriends they have had I don t see why the two are friends at all And Rachel is trying to use this jealousy as a reason to justify sleeping with her best friend s fianceeUgh I finally put the book down at a point where Rachel is talking about how she had begun to dislike her boyfriend in college because he was rooting for Duke s basketball team and not Indiana.And the writing is really nothing worth mentioning.The book also contains a page suggesting questions ...

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    Well, this was my first, and now probably last, foray into chick lit I found the characters to be totally unbelieveable A consummate good girl would never have an affair with her best friend s fiancee, despite Darcy s shortcomings as a friend Some feel Rachel s behavior was justified because of Darcy s litany of slights, pulled from as far back as 5th grade However that Rachel remained Darcy s friend in spite of her bitchiness, just proves Rachel s own weakness of character And it was totally c...

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    So here s my take on Something Borrowed, and Chic lit in general it s satisfying in the way watching an episode of The Hills is satisfying You know EXACTLY what s going to happen from the first lines of the first chapter which i guess can be nice since it makes you feel smart and gives a general sense of superiority the characters are predictable, with a heroine that s just likable enough to continue reading but who you generally dislike never fully sympathize with it s pretty much something to read when you don t want to have to think At all The definition of beach reading I think this book is great to read on vacation, but other than that I thought it was crap I mean seriously, is there REALLY a debate over whether or not Rachel did the right thing The author sets up the story in a way so that it s...

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    I loved this book and have passed it on to other friends Thanks to Kristi for turning me on to this author This is one of the best chick lit books ever The follow up Something Blue was almost as good The story focuses on two lifelong best friends, Rachel and Darcy The first installment is told from Rachel s perspective the second book is told from Darcy s perspective Very clever.Rachel is the single, plain, thirtysomething, always a responsible good girl attorney Something I can totally relate to except for the lawyer part LOL Darcy is the exact opposite she is the outgoing, popular, pretty girl who is engaged to Dex As the story unfolds, we learn that Rachel has known Dex since law school and has been in love with him for quite some time And as luck would have it, Dex confesses his feelings for Rachel even though he is engaged to Darcy ...

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    Despite all my protests and misgivings about a book on infidelity, I was surprised that had the urge to get back to the story and find out what happened For that, I wanted to give the book 4 stars, but I just couldn t because, well, it s a book about infidelity, and not just about infidelity, but the view point that there s nothing wrong with it since the couple isn t married yet.The book starts with A LOT of backstory It s eventually important to Rachel and Darcy s relationship, but it sure makes the beginning drag What I wanted from that opening scene was not memories of Rachel and Darcy as kids I wanted to be pulled into the scene and believe the sequence of events that ended with a girl in bed with her best friend s fiancee I needed to get me there The lawyer presenting to the jury bit afterwards was amusing, but it didn t get me into her head to justify how it happened I needed to sympathize with Rachel.Maybe what I needed to sympathize with her was a reason Dex was worth risking a friendship over All I got from Rachel were some vague stereotypes that he was handsome and smart Even in the scenes he was in, I didn t get any personality from him He was like a fuzzy character in a dream that never quite materializes into a real person I had to ta...

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    I read this book in two sittings I know it is a little controversial some people adore Rachel for stealing her best friend Darcy s fiance And some others think it is just immoral.Here goes my opinion Rachel, who is a passive thirty years old woman, has lived in Darcy s shadow all her life Darcy stole her first love Ethan who now becomes Rach s best friend , her Notre Dame acceptance, her pride and even Rachel s own mother s sympathy Darcy is not that evil, actually, she is self centered Sometimes I really like Darcy for being so perfect Sometimes I hate her for being so annoying.The truth is, all characters are flawed and personally, not likeable However, they are all original and real, that s why I give 4 stars for this book it is hard for an author to create a character that is not so adorable but real and nice to read My favorite is Hillary and Ethan I can picture Stanley Tucci acting as Ethan if this were made into a movie.Then there is this perfect but not so perfect then Dex Thaler Dex is the handsome, patient, smart guy who is all perfect for Rachel Only he never decides whether he wants Rachel or Darcy until the very end.Rachel herself is not a character I sympathize with She is passive, she does not know what she wants, and she cannot stand up for herself It is actually quite anno...

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    Oh, so this is how it sounds inside the heads of people who can rationalize anything.

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