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➨ Spellweaver (Nine Kingdoms #5) Author Lynn Kurland –

Spellweaver (Nine Kingdoms #5) The New York Times Bestselling Author Returns To The Nine Kingdoms For Another Spellbinding Story Of Magical Romance Ruith Had Long Managed To Ignore The Magic In His Veins, Until Aiding Sarah With Her Ill Fated Quest Forced Him Into Places Where His Heritage Was Impossible To Deny Faced With An Ever Increasing Number Of Enemies Who Covet His Power, Ruith Must Accept His Birthright And Gather His Father S Spells Together So He Can Destroy Them Or Turn Away And Allow His Father S Evil To Overcome The Nine Kingdoms Now, Ruith And Sarah Must Rely On Each Other Than Ever For Everything They Value Is At Risk The Nine Kingdoms, Their Livesand Their Hearts.

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