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[Ebook] ↠ Hetman Author Alex Shaw –

Hetman An Explosive Special Forces Thriller Now Teaching At An International School In Ukraine, Former SAS Trooper Aidan Snow Has Laid The Nightmares Of His Past To Rest But When After Ten Years Snow Meets Again The Man Who Put A Gun To His Head And Ended His Military Career His Past Becomes Very Real Told By The British Secret Intelligence Service MI6 That His Would Be Tormenter Is Dead Snow Tries To Forget Attacked By An Unknown Adversary, Framed For Two High Profile Assassinations And Hunted By The Ukrainian Security Service, Snow Is Torn From The Life He Has Worked So Hard To Build And Must Once Again Rely On His SAS Training In An Attempt To Clear His Name Discovering A Mercenary Brigade Made Up Of Former Soviet Spetsnaz Soldiers Snow Trusts Only Himself To Stop Them And Save Those He Cares About Snow Is Left One Step Ahead Of The Authorities With No One To Watch His Back In A Firefight, Pray For SNOW.

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    What an awesome book I thoroughly enjoyed the well written format with just the right amount of supsense and intrigue I found this book hard to put down While it is a fiction story, there is a lot of factual material and I ...

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    Great fantastic plot lots of good action Makes you read faster to learnof the books story

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    As the author of Hetman I wanted to share with you all the review I receieved for Hetman from the 2010Breakthrough Novel Award ABNA Expert Reviewer The strongest aspect of this work is the writer s knowledge of Ukraine and Special Forces operations The detail about Kyiv is well done, and creates an appealing background for the primary character, Aidan Snow.Other strong aspects of Hetman are that the story has good pacing, moves along well and holds the reader s attention The writ As the author of Hetman I wanted to share with you ...

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    A title that I ve found was changed to Cold Blood.A very good and intriguing thriller The main character, Aidan Snow is extremely well defined and so human He has his doubts, his fears, his regrets, and his compassion But the book is no...

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